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Shoo stress away, loves!

‘Geng, Edmee is in the icu. :(‘

‘Multiple stroke.’

These were the sms I received from a friend when I was on my way home from the South. Actually, I don’t know Edmee. I know she’s a friend of a friend. And I know how she looks like through pictures, mostly in the resto or somewhere with food. But beyond that, I know she is a smart kid, a CPA for that matter, who holds a high position in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas at 28.

And the last sentence makes the whole story a lot sadder, right?

Her condition wasn’t actually hereditary, as the diagnosis showed. There are inferences though. But I’m leaning more on the fact that she has been too overworked and she doesn’t have enough outlets to, perhaps, unload her daily stress.

In other, but still related, part of of this story, I just finished printing another cover letter for the job I am eyeing to get pretty soon. Last night, I was sharing this with a college colleague as we both work in the same company now but we’re in two different branches. She’s planning to leave to. The catch, she wants a more challenging job, I want a less stressful one.

That common UP survivors’ thought stressing not to settle in any government agencies or offices as workplace as it will (surely) catalyze the corrosion of your brain cells is what she holds true until now. Well there’s a validity in it but I don’t care thus I finished printing the letter.

My work as an Account Analyst for the Marketing and Enforcement Division of Pag-IBIG Fund is all that I’m dreaming of until I retire. I mean it. Now, I’m still enjoying everything that I am entailed to do within the 8-hour shift. I am even getting compliments from my officemates everytime they say, ‘Hindi umubra ang daan-daang clients sa’yo ah. Maghapon mong kaharap ang mga tao pero bakit parang wala lang nangyari?’ Mind you, they say that as I shut down my computer. Lels. But because of some circumstance, I have to soon leave the job.

That has always been my principle at work. Find the job that you want. Enjoy everyday doing what your job requires you to do. After all, hard work is not the secret to success. Success is based on your mindset. I might have a relatively difficult job, as per officemates, but hey, I love this that’s why it couldn’t be any easier than it appears to me.

The job I’m ardently wanting now is actually less complicated. I will forever keep the mindset with me so I can do good during the interview.

I hope Edmee wakes up soon. I hope I get the job.




*Seriously, i have transitional-phrases issue, I know.


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Who holds the key?

Sanguine ka man actually pero you’re leaning towards a personality na makontento na lang kung unsa naa. Simple lang kung mangandoy pero I still believe na there’s a fire in you pud. Mura ka’g doll na de susi. Gahulat lang susian para mulihok.


(Spare me. Don’t ask for any english translation of the above statement. This isn’t Miss U.)

Because when we talk, everything makes sense.

And that a listening ear and an open heart are what it takes to make someone move. 🙂

Sometimes, it pays to have someone who makes you feel there’s more to life than settling to what it actually offers you. I can do better once my turn knocks. I just need a push. And my friend just did it.

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I started here.

I loved.

I became broken-hearted.

I explored some places.

I met different people.

I bid goodbye and said hello.

And now, it’s my time to share the missing part of this blog.


It’s been a year since I last visited this blog. Talk about loss of interest and guts in writing. Talk about finding myself back. Talk about job. Talk about lack of time’s luxury. But hey! I’m here and I am on the go to write again. 😉


English Only Policy

Yes, I am a callboy, as what rumors say and I am proud of it. And please, speak in the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. Hahaha! After more than a year of working as a consulant, I wasn’t able to give too much time for myself, the way things usually work for me before. Everyday seems to be too mechanical. I wake up, take a bath, dress up, go to work, work, rest, sleep… and the cycle continues. I embraced this fate and I never had a single question as to why I got this job when other more appropriate ones initially came before me. I enjoy being here though I’m still struggling to sound nasal. 🙂

one of the last bondings we had.

Another major reason for the sudden shift of my life’s path was my bestfriend Ron’s movement to Cebu. No more MAMITA’s moments. No more manga sa Roxas. No more fun. That’s what I exactly thought until some special people came.


Here are some of them. Meet Axe, Zui, Dyna, Polly, and Benjamar. They are certainly the characters of the next chapter of my life. Stories of cooking shows, of more drinking sessions, of foodtrips, of laughter and tears — these make this part a lot interesting. Definitely, mga kampi ng bida. 🙂
Apparently, for a year of hiatus, one thing never changed about me. I am the same hopeless romantic you all used to know. As of this writing, I am 9 months smiling for one reason – YOU! Yes, you made me write again. You pushed me to get up and let the people know I still exist. ♥_♥

P.S. I may not be updating this site as frequent as I used to do but I assure you, I’ll be back and I will continue to share my self-indulgent stories. 🙂


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