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Before starting this year-end entry, i wish to thank maan for influencing me to write this. Cheers maan!

If there’s one memorable year i want to live again and again, I’d be self-debating between 2008 and 2009. But I guess, 2009 makes itself very competitive for the happiest and most unforgettable year award, so far.

The People

Gray. Thanks for sharing the 1.5 months of this year. It added to the 9 months we had. You made me more human when we had to end everything on February 22 this year. The friendship continues. 🙂

Barkadahang Tunay. I guess, 2009 is our year. This year, we called ourselves BT. Who’d have thought we’d go a long way after sharing drunk and smoking nights for years? Whatever melons we have right now, I will always be the Beans you’ve known, Rai, Anj, Corinne, Elton, Stella, Gold, Krisha, Joan, Elton and Ram.

gold, elton, anj, beans, rai, ste, krish, joan, coh.

Everybody knows how we’ve been through this year. We laughed. We cried. We smoked. We drank. We slept together. We laughed and laughed and laughed. And we will always miss doing that because I know we have to move our separate ways. It pains but we’re cool about it. And that’s more important, eh? 🙂

Ron. This year, we just realized the thing we used to dream when we were still in our younger years – that after you graduate, we’d share a home in Davao. It happened! I had to sacrifice an hour a day from Roxas to UP just to spend nights talking with you. And I never regret everything. You are still one of the best!

The Mams, Jepoi and Loloi. Since I entered UP, I never had the intention of befriending the two of you. Atik lang. But this year, I guess (and I am sure) we had the best quality time of our lives. I love listening to your stories, to your escapades, and stuff alike. Our tanduay and red horse nights will remain witnesses to our wildness. You know how much I miss you and our sessions. More to come. Cheers!

Mom Jen. The thesis adviser, the mentor, the joker, THE BEST! It’s more than touching that you have to wait for me up to the last minute of the day just to sign my thesis. I will always remember you, mom, and you will always be included in my prayers. Hope to see you soon. 🙂


This is one great reason for me to call this year a year! I couldn’t be more thankful after finally ending my college life. Yes, I survived in UP. *sigh* This year marks the end of my struggles, sleepless nights, cramming nights, delayed papers and the like. This year, I finally had the product of my grueling months as a senior student — my thesis! It’s over. And I can just jump and do cartwheels and flares because of it!


This year, I finally started blogging. February 7’s the night. And as i checked my first entry, a line in it says “i know this would again suck but who cares?” Did this really suck? Be honest. haha. I don’t care, anyway. My blog serves as the sponge to my emotions so it doesn’t really matter if this sucks.

And mid this year, I created another blog. It’s in Tagalog at ngayon ay patuloy itong naghahatid ng ka-melonan para sa mga readers kong taga-Luzon. Ayos.

The Trips

Year 2009, I had the memorable trips of my life.

First stop, Camiguin baybeh! Thanks to my Photography class for finally letting me experience the beauty of Camiguin. And as I blogged, I shall return!

Second stop, Cebu! I parteyed, prayed, and had so much fun in Cebu! Thanks to Corinne and Gold for making the whole trip possible. Thanks to Rai, Kris John, Nat2 and the rest of the gang for making our stay in Cebu worth-while. I will surely come back! I have to. 🙂


And now I finally have you. I know you will never read this but one thing’s for sure, I am proud to have you in my life. Thanks for coming. Thanks for making me feel special. Thanks for being sweet. You made my December, you ended my year with a bang! I love you. AJA!

Year 2009 is my year. It brought countless smiles, less pain and overwhelming happiness. I loved. I stumbled. I moved on. And now I am living the life I wanted. It made me feel blessed. It’s a better year. I’d settle to calling this a better year because I want my succeeding years to be the best. I know I will have more in the years to come.

For now, I just want to express my heartfelt thanks to the people who made my year more memorable. Thank you! High five!

Cheers to a wonderful 2009 and a promising 2010!


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thesis it!



7 weeks to go na lang daw before this semester ends. panic kung panic. ready na ang thesis ko. revised draft na ang nasa larawan, ipapasa sa adviser at sa panelists ko. ready na… kung ready ang pag-uusapan. ayokong maniwala sa adviser ko pero sabi nya ok na daw ang lahat.

sana lang, hindi ko marinig sa araw ng defense ko (September 11) ang linyang:


p.s.: ipagdasal nyo naman ako o. please? thanks. 🙂

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Now i am all rushing things to have everything done before I go back to Davao.

I am more than halfway on my data gathering for my thesis. The process was so-so. I mean, it wasn’t too difficult to ‘penetrate’ my respondents for some reasons.  However, when I started checking the survey sheets, I began getting troubled.

UNSETTLED! I realized I was uber-rushing things now that time is already too limited. Though this is no-new-issue to me, I am still in panic mode because this is my THESIS — and this will make or break me! O.O


I have really mastered the art of procrastination down to whatever comprises it. Cram! And now, it’s CRAP. I think I am anticipating a crap for my haphazard way of doing things.

For now, I just don’t know where to start. The most unfortunate part of being wretched. =(

“anyway, mahuman lng nimo na beans before u know it..and mam jeni is with u..”

-inspiring words from Jezereel Louise Billano

Best Thesis of BACA-SPCM

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The most studious students of the University of the Philippines Mindanao!

Angelie, Elton, Joan, Stella, and Beans..

iskolar ng bayan, pag-asa ng bayan!

iskolar ng bayan, pag-asa ng bayan!

We believe that knowledge, above all, is an important possession every individual must have. This will bring us to places we dream to go, to jobs we hope to land, and to the things called etcetera.


More than anything else, we believe that all work and no play makes the rubians dull geeks. So we better take a break before our heads explode due to thesis, crisis, the dead, etc.

so take a look again at the picture above and notice the bottle near the yellow convenience store cellophane.

we play!

we play!

We just don’t read books. We use them to play. And sometimes, we have to act in front of the camera to be more convincing. lol.

we laugh!

we laugh!

Books get so boring if we don’t know how to deal with them. (o ha, may deal2 pang nalalaman ang books. haha). We believe that reading and studying should be enjoyed.


So we always have to live with the expectations of our parents that anytime soon, we will graduate. To the three in the picture (you know who you are), that soon is not on April. In time friends, in time! lol.


p.s.: the photos were taken night before my thesis defense. cool.. haha.

*thanks coh for taking those pics.*

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i just submitted my thesis proposal to my four panelists – the power team. haha. take note: that was after my adviser stepped on my ego and pride. but that doesn’t hurt, i deserved it anyway! haha.

well it pays to be called ‘tanga’ and be slapped with my draft on my face by my adviser after her favorite line “sus ginoo kong gagmay.” it was all ok. as in ok. the result? i have submitted the requirement on time. yes, and if office work ends at 5, i passed it before the time…

and if almost all ‘thesisers’ (if i have to coin it.=)) complain that thesis kills a student’s social life, cummon… it doesn’t even changed the way i defined fun before. hahaha. i can still drink and end at 3am, or puff sticks like there’s no tomorrow, or spend quality time with the ‘barkadahang tunay.’ haha.

and oh, that ‘barkadahang tunay’ thing? after my papers were all done for he submission, we resumed the tagay session right away. thanks to my drunk friends (right now ha) joan, rea and ram.

i’m just starting so i don’t know the things that might happen months from now. i know it’ll change… not because my study will take more time, but because no more ‘barkadahang tunay’ will drink with me by that time. i hope i can form a ‘barkadahang peke’ when the sad time comes. hahahaha.

walay labot ng nakapose sa shot!
walay labot ng nakapose sa shot!

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actually, the beans that i am, seloso and ‘want-it-all’ in nature,  i thought of making an attempt to make my own site.

yes, i had blogs before but those were informal or for academic purposes. and they all suck, i think. i know this would again suck but who cares? ayt? lol.

i have been commenting to a lot of blog entries in several blogsites and i truly envy those who have pictures after their comments. so here’s the punch. niiral lang ang akong pagkaself-indulgent maong gusto ko maghimu ug site — and that is makita nako akong picture after my comments. haha.

but really, 4 months ago, after attending the bloggers’ summit, i was really interested in making my own site. my personal site. and now it’s becoming a reality.

and reality haunts me because as of the moment, thesis is my reality. what a good way to take a break from doing the thesis.  goodness.

don’t get me as your adviser if you’ll use that theory!

*bothered-by-the-OC-adviser mode*

i don’t know how to end this. so please bear with the neophyte. ugh.


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