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Trip to Heaven

Initially, I was thinking of just posting all the pictures I got from the recent Cebu escapade but after getting an enormous number of likes on my fb post and  having to answer a number of FAQs about it, I’m blogging the trip in a different, but not so novel, way.

So how did we get there?

Or how did we even know it exists?

I booked a ticket for Cebu after getting so envious with the pictures of Camotes Island my bestfriend took. Right away, I asked a travel buddy, who, for the purpose of this blog will be named NT, to take the next seat of the plane with me set for the entire beach hopping. But the bestfriend insisted in going to a ‘better’ beach called Gibitngil instead of the former. So we bit the suggestion and got the punch out of it.

Here’s a detailed instruction on how to get there.

Disclaimer: This tip is based on the worst scenario of going there. Some steps may alter should you not bring any jinx with you.

1. Take the Ceres Liner in the North-bound bus terminal satellite. Be sure to be there at 6 am and don’t forget light breakfast which you can bring handy on the bus. The trip will take 4 hours en route Consolacion, Danao, Compostela until you reach Medellin. And yes, you’re still in Cebu after 4 hours even if you see signs like ‘This way to Leyte‘ or ‘This way to Masbate.’ Remember, Gibitngil is the northmost part of the Cebu so don’t fret. No need to change the sides of your shirt.

Bus fare: P130

That’s sandwich 101. Bring ham and cheese for the bread. Felt like drivethru.

2. As soon as you reach Medellin, take a padyak to get to the mini port. Or you may just walk straight to the left where the bus stops.

Padyak fare: P10

3. Hire a pump boat. Learn the art of bargaining. If waves get higher as you see,  be not afraid. It’s more fun that way. The boat-ride takes 15-20 minutes.

Boat fare: P1,000 – P1,500 (back and forth)

Savor the moment while you’re still on the boat. It’s seldom you get a glimpse of nature’s beauty as this.

4. This step doesn’t happen all the time. If the sea is calm, you get straight to Gibitngil’s shoreline. However during our visit, we were not able to cross the other end of the island as waves did not permit us. So we were dropped at the back part of the island where we have to go trekking for an hour. Yizzz! An hour of walking to the beach. Along the way are big rocks, unbelievably tall grasses, narrow and muddy walkways. You talk to yourself then hoping the beach is worth the trek.

Friendly tip: Go barefooted when you wear flipflops. The strap of my havs gave up even before reaching the end of the trek.

Nadamay pa ang aking havs. 😦

5. Alas! We have reached Gibitngil. Nothing feels more relieving after a hell-ish journey we had. Heaven!

Entrance fee: P10

Cottage: 500

No corkage. No everything!

Gibitngil’s top view.

Priceless view.

Some tips while in Gibitngil:

1. Dive at your own risk. NT got bruises and gum slit after diving. Hahaha!

2. Bring lotsa food.

3. Make sure to have load so you can text mamang pump boat to come and fetch you.

There you go! Gibitngil is a must-visit place. The way to heaven is indeed hell. But the experience was worth all the bruises and misfortune.

Misibis Bay, you’re next!


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I have had enough summer-lovin-melonshake in just a week’s time.

Nothing new. Nothing so extreme. The typical summer. Para maka-summer lang! Haha! But I had so much fun.

New people.

New heights.

Conquering fear.

Bluejaz Resort, Island Garden City of Samal.

What’s new? I tried the slides (with and without floater).

Gumasa, Sarangani Province

What’s new? Nothing. Failed levitation shot, perhaps?

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

What’s new? Tried zipline.

Running out of words now. K. Bye.

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the towel
the towel

officially, summer is here! and what else would make the summer ow-so-happy?


We need water element. (Oo ste, at least for sumer, we have to soak and get into it.)

and so, after a tiring math1 presentation practice, i rushed to Lantaw-Bukid to be with the oh-hail-orgcom-people of BACA. yeah. aside from the bond and the fun, I really wanted to welcome summer, OFFICIALLY! o ha.

shower. yeah.

shower. yeah.

a good shower, i hope, starts a good summer for me. after all, i need to wash away whatever i have in mind right now. shet ka-emo. but seriously, i really need to take a shower before finally getting into the pool. lol.

summer gets better when i'm wet. aha!

summer gets better when i'm wet. aha!

again, nagpatumbling2 na naman ako sa tubig. my pasikat moves will never stop until i get out from the water. haha. and really, when i’m wet, i’m happier so i stayed quite long there.

in fact…

oops... sorry dadee. haha. peace lish!

oops... sorry dadee. haha. peace lish!

we made a lot of fun to add life to the pool. kamown, the blue-chlorine-smelling-hmm-smells-like-you-know is lifeless so lisha and I tried everything to make the water splash even without doing anything to the water. hahaha.

i don’t care if tan-lines show after exposing myself under the sun. after all, it’s about the fun i get with my friends. after all, it’s about the laughter we share under the sun. after all, it’s summer so i have to make the most out of it.


Looking forward to another good thing to happen within the season.

Looking forward to a HOT (with emphasis) summer!

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