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Melons to Lemons

Everybody who knows I got into an accident normally say, ‘it has a reason it happened.’ Well that’s aside from those who tell me, ‘masamang damo ka, don’t worry.’ To set things straight, I don’t know the exact reason.

You decide which photo's taken after the accident. Lels

But here’s a list of some obvious and random reasons — a proof of how dramatic my life has become lately especially when I do self-contemplation during my bus-rides to work.

Maybe it strengthened the bond between me and my parents.

Maybe it made me realize my father is really capable to do cash-out when necessary. Haha!

Maybe it’s seeing how true my friends are. That despite how different I look after the accident, they can still afford to walk with me in the malls.

Before and after melons. Nothing’s changed, I believe.

Maybe it’s doing away with the stress I used to worry in my existing (insert adjective) relationship. Be open, be cool, be budoy.

Maybe it’s getting rid of everything in the list above and retaining only number 8.

Maybe it allowed me to love my work more. To think about money, above all. Haha!

Maybe it’s a sign I should stop driving and take the passenger’s seat always instead.

Maybe it’s about time I should trust my left hand. It’s useful. Uhh, exactly the same thing you’re thinking. Haha!

Maybe it’s a wake up call that I can actually last a week without sex.

This is life. It’s always been a dawat-dawat system.


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alert! alert!

if someone below 15 is beside you while reading this line, do not continue and ignore the video. but if you think you’re cool and you can explain very well this post to him/her, better. continue reading and watch the embedded video.

don’t check your calendar, today isn’t February 7 yet (though i mentioned in my previous post that i’ll see you on the 7th). i just can’t stop myself from posting a serious entry. 😐

the aids epidemic in the country is scaring me. i am not a victim; neither do i know any aids victim. gensan’s last count was 21. the country? i lost count.

so for the concerned readers of this blog, please do your share. buy condoms. for the girls, IUD is the best solution (inig utog dagan!). for the yoyis, aww, you take care of yourselves. :p

meanwhile, here’s a video for everybody to think about (and laugh). this video was shared by a friend over ym . i know this is worth-sharing. enjoy. be safe. spread the awareness!

p.s. pero sabi nga nila, wala naman daw talagang saging na kinakain nang hindi pa nababalatan. hay. i am excited to see you all on the 7th, still. 🙂

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