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Before starting this year-end entry, i wish to thank maan for influencing me to write this. Cheers maan!

If there’s one memorable year i want to live again and again, I’d be self-debating between 2008 and 2009. But I guess, 2009 makes itself very competitive for the happiest and most unforgettable year award, so far.

The People

Gray. Thanks for sharing the 1.5 months of this year. It added to the 9 months we had. You made me more human when we had to end everything on February 22 this year. The friendship continues. 🙂

Barkadahang Tunay. I guess, 2009 is our year. This year, we called ourselves BT. Who’d have thought we’d go a long way after sharing drunk and smoking nights for years? Whatever melons we have right now, I will always be the Beans you’ve known, Rai, Anj, Corinne, Elton, Stella, Gold, Krisha, Joan, Elton and Ram.

gold, elton, anj, beans, rai, ste, krish, joan, coh.

Everybody knows how we’ve been through this year. We laughed. We cried. We smoked. We drank. We slept together. We laughed and laughed and laughed. And we will always miss doing that because I know we have to move our separate ways. It pains but we’re cool about it. And that’s more important, eh? 🙂

Ron. This year, we just realized the thing we used to dream when we were still in our younger years – that after you graduate, we’d share a home in Davao. It happened! I had to sacrifice an hour a day from Roxas to UP just to spend nights talking with you. And I never regret everything. You are still one of the best!

The Mams, Jepoi and Loloi. Since I entered UP, I never had the intention of befriending the two of you. Atik lang. But this year, I guess (and I am sure) we had the best quality time of our lives. I love listening to your stories, to your escapades, and stuff alike. Our tanduay and red horse nights will remain witnesses to our wildness. You know how much I miss you and our sessions. More to come. Cheers!

Mom Jen. The thesis adviser, the mentor, the joker, THE BEST! It’s more than touching that you have to wait for me up to the last minute of the day just to sign my thesis. I will always remember you, mom, and you will always be included in my prayers. Hope to see you soon. 🙂


This is one great reason for me to call this year a year! I couldn’t be more thankful after finally ending my college life. Yes, I survived in UP. *sigh* This year marks the end of my struggles, sleepless nights, cramming nights, delayed papers and the like. This year, I finally had the product of my grueling months as a senior student — my thesis! It’s over. And I can just jump and do cartwheels and flares because of it!


This year, I finally started blogging. February 7’s the night. And as i checked my first entry, a line in it says “i know this would again suck but who cares?” Did this really suck? Be honest. haha. I don’t care, anyway. My blog serves as the sponge to my emotions so it doesn’t really matter if this sucks.

And mid this year, I created another blog. It’s in Tagalog at ngayon ay patuloy itong naghahatid ng ka-melonan para sa mga readers kong taga-Luzon. Ayos.

The Trips

Year 2009, I had the memorable trips of my life.

First stop, Camiguin baybeh! Thanks to my Photography class for finally letting me experience the beauty of Camiguin. And as I blogged, I shall return!

Second stop, Cebu! I parteyed, prayed, and had so much fun in Cebu! Thanks to Corinne and Gold for making the whole trip possible. Thanks to Rai, Kris John, Nat2 and the rest of the gang for making our stay in Cebu worth-while. I will surely come back! I have to. 🙂


And now I finally have you. I know you will never read this but one thing’s for sure, I am proud to have you in my life. Thanks for coming. Thanks for making me feel special. Thanks for being sweet. You made my December, you ended my year with a bang! I love you. AJA!

Year 2009 is my year. It brought countless smiles, less pain and overwhelming happiness. I loved. I stumbled. I moved on. And now I am living the life I wanted. It made me feel blessed. It’s a better year. I’d settle to calling this a better year because I want my succeeding years to be the best. I know I will have more in the years to come.

For now, I just want to express my heartfelt thanks to the people who made my year more memorable. Thank you! High five!

Cheers to a wonderful 2009 and a promising 2010!


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Naturally free-minded, blithe and light-hearted.

An innate talker who sometimes seems to be not sensible but actually is sensible.

Most of the time frisky and fun to be with.

Inquisitive, always one brave soul, observant and cool.

Secretly secretive.

Everybody’s friend and nobody’s enemy.

-Rea, best buddy


VINCENT AMORIO. A super ordinary masculine name added to a not-so-famous family name. A name given to a baby boy after his parents’ favorite song by Don McLean. Two names that mean much to him. Two names that he wanted to associate to and to speak for himself: Vincent, derived from a Latin verb ‘vincere‘ meaning ‘to conquer’ and Amorio, a Spanish term for love-making.

I was born and raised in the nondescript town of Polomolok, 20-kilometer from the nearest city, 60-kilometer from the region’s capital… a walk away from nowhere. I was born to a family with two other boisterous boys and one lovely girl, in our 328 square-meter kingdom.

Twenty summers have passed since then. The years taught me lots of lessons and left special marks in my being. As I trudged on through my journey, many people I have met…many learning I have derived, and all of these have aggregated to mold me. Life remains good. God has always been giving.

(This was a part of my paper in my intercultural communication subject. An autobiography.)

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I didn’t know why while driving around our nondescript place,  i felt much excitement upon seeing the renovated Dunkin Donuts. Now, it’s a lot more like a store in the city. *grins for the poor place*


The exhilaration was more of because i wanted to have coffee not inside our house, not inside the office. I know DD’s coffee is not as good as Blugre’s or Starbucks’ but i don’t care. It’s just that some things are better bought. 🙂

But before finally driving my way home,  while counting some friends left, i realized no one’s going to share coffee moments with me. Nobody’s home among the very short list of friends i have here. No Ron. No Kris John. No Hapi. Only me! Sounds soo pathetic and boring — more self-actualization moments?? no way!

Maybe, the excitement was due to my forever  longing to drink coffee and to puff cigars at the same time — the usual ‘tambay mode’ i nightly lived in Davao 2 months ago. And maybe I just want to live that kind of life again — where all you have after an exhausting day are a cup of coffee and sticks of marlboro. Perfect night!

Days from now, I’ll be Davao-based again. But my coffee-mates were all gone — GONE! I might as well end up having coffee alone. Hmmm. That’s no problem! Someone’s coming along the way to light the sticks and share coffee with me. Natraffic lang!

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…ay gagraduate ka na talaga! for sure.

note: this entry was originally written on March 6 but due to some reasons beyond my control, ngayon ko lang napost ito. anyway…


I am thankful to a lot of things especially during the years I spent, spend, and will be spending still in college. (So don’t mistake this blog as a valediction. Haha. This is just a simple journal I hope to read one day, someday — years after everything in my life will not be as happy as now.)

I wonder what moved me to be as emotional as this… again! I hate this actually — when I have to stop myself from crying and wasting another bucket of tears but can’t do anything because I just have to cry to ease myself. This isn’t about g or about a pakshet lovelife. No way. Not now!

It’s been more or less 8 hours since I arrived home. Yes, I’m in Polomolok right now, lying on the comforts of my bed while making my pillow wet (with tears). Oo, I’m back to being the crying beans. And there’s no way out of this bullshit emotion so I need to write this down because I can’t open this up to any people in the house. And they’re all asleep so wala japun. The story follows.


Fixing my hair in front of the mirror before I left from the boarding house earlier, I was having a good conversation with anj, joan, and corinne. I actually can’t remember who asked this question but I know somebody did (maybe anj):

“Mag-uli ka Beans? Si Rea? Magsabay mo?”

I just continued fixing my hair thinking that it was just like any ordinary questions my friends would ask me. Then I answered:

“Naa man syay exam sa Sunday…

Pero ok na pud ni, at least masanay na ko magbyahe pauli na ako na lang. Unsaon na lang, mugraduate na baya sya.”

I laughed after I answered and as expected, they also laughed showing protest to my ‘kakornihan’ again. Then somebody asked again:

“Pano man na next sem beans? Mag-unsa ka sa bus ug wala si Rea?”

“Maghilak,” I said but that was not too serious. Haha. Then I added, “dapat magkakotse na jud ko next sem para di loser ang dating. Para mapilitan si Rai musakay bisag wala na syay tuyo sa Davao.”

You wish Beans! Your car is not so soon. Haha Anyway…

So I left. Good thing I was super sleepy earlier so I just slept all throughout the travel. For 3 hours!

Fast forward to 10:30 in the evening  — right this moment. I was about to sleep when Rai texted me that Anj told her about the conversation earlier. Oops, I did not even plan to tell her about it because I know it will all sensationalize everything. And I know it will end up this way. But since it’s known to Rai, all I can do is accept it. And diba gani Rai, we need to say everything through joke to lessen the harsh reality – that you will not be a student anymore soon. This is not bitterness. Nabuang na. Of course who doesn’t want you to graduate? Haha. I have long accepted that I need to extend, it’s beyond my control e. haha.

I am just thinking about next sem. Imagine what I will miss next sem.. 😦 :

  1. No Rea will be with me inside the bus.

    beans and rea at Rizal Promenade
    beans and rea at Rizal Promenade
  2. No Rea will reserve a seat for me every time I will be late for class.

    rea and beans at the library
    rea and beans at the library
  3. No Rea will lend me the notes needed because I’m super lazy inside the classroom.

    rea and beans @ del rio resort, koronadal city
    rea and beans @ del rio resort, koronadal city
  4. No Rea will listen to my stories of anger, happiness, and nonsenseness.

    rai and beans at poolside, del rio.
    rai and beans at poolside, del rio.
  5. No Rea will share ‘puff’ session with me.

    green for rai. red for beans.
    green for rai. red for beans.
  6. No Rea will be willing to drink and get drunk with me.

    cheers! beans and rea at autoshop.
    cheers! beans and rea at autoshop.
  7. No Rea will give her vegetables to me when she orders chopsuey or pinakbet.

    rea and beans at rea's beerday.
    rea and beans at rea’s beerday.
  8. No Rea will say ‘drop the fuck beans!

    rea and beans during the mock job interview.
    rea and beans during the mock job interview.
  9. No Rea will motivate me to do my papers because I can only work if I see Rea almost done with hers’.

    rea and beans going to samal.
    rea and beans going to samal.
  10. No Rea will go with me to UP Anda to look for books.

    beans and rea during Speak UP! (SM)
    beans and rea during Speak UP! (SM)
  11. No Rea will sit and wait for me while my haircut is not yet done.

    beans and rea at the atrium.
    beans and rea at the atrium.
  12. Daghan pa kaayo, kapuy na hilak. Hahahaha.

    rea and beans during valentine's day.
    rea and beans during valentine’s day.

Oh yeah, I know distance doesn’t matter at all if both of you know you’re really good friends. And this is more than the relationship lovers have. Lovers may have doubts and all but with us, I know we both know where our loyalty and trust belong.

But everything will change in about a month from now. And I can do nothing to stop that part of our reality. We need to grow and we have to learn how to live our new lives — apart from each other…

For one, I know Rai knows I thank, care and love her sooooo much.

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