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14 days to go..

i don’t know if watermelon and coffee for breakfast have something to do with this post. haha .seriously, i substituted bread with watermelon for coffee so maybe something’s happening inside my di-na-lang-ko-magtell tummy. lol.

but that’s not the point!  i just have to relate it to what i did earlier. another stupid thing.  bored, as always, i decided to have a general cleaning – saan? —-> sa email ko. haha. i didn’t realize, i would feel the same kadramahan as to what i felt when i fixed my things before i left my room sa boarding house. there were no tears, just a heavy heart. =(

anyway, i recovered three emails from the ‘past.’ there were three from that person! three private messages — way too sweet, enough words from a lover. hussshhh. cut!

kung bakit kasi ang high-tech na ng panahon. haha
kung bakit kasi ang high-tech na ng panahon. haha

after reading all three messages, i realized there was nothing to think about. didn’t care if those letters were sincere then or not. didn’t care if i could have those words again.

didn’t care.


but i didn’t delete any of the three. and that’s stupid.


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guess what?


May ‘guess what’  na naman? =(

(rolling, tumbling — palpitation mode!)

again and again, i hate the way i’m feeling right now. yung parang naiihi ka pero pag punta mo ng cr, wala namang lumalabas; yung tipong nanlalamig ang paa at mga palad mo kahit napakainit ng paligid; yung tipong parang lalabas na ang heart mo sa bibig mo; yung tipong ‘ano pang itinitibok mo e basag ka na?’ =p

check out my lungs and heart --- they're both destroyed!

check out my lungs and heart --- they're both destroyed!

o ha. dahil sa putang-inang ‘guess what’ na ‘to, i’m again carried away by my emotion. i know, i’m overreacting kaya nga i hate feeling this way. because it leads me to do so..

anyway, maybe re-examining myself would help me feel  better, at least.

i know this is the last. rea will soon fly to cebu so wala ng ‘guess whats.’ ang saya diba? oo, masaya yun. unless… haha. never mind.

BRAVO! Last day na!

p.s.: Rai! salamat for feeling it too. hahahaha.. natakdan najud ka.

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