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I have never been an avid fan of movies. That’s a given fact. I don’t remember names, setting, directors, stuff alike. I just watch and laugh when everybody does.

Three weeks ago, I was invited to watch The Hunger Games (HG) when a friend got grumpy after his friends had HG on the big screen a day ahead of him. He was left with no choice so I just volunteered to go with him even if he knows I’m a bore in the cinemas.


The movie had me in awe. I went back home telling my mom how good it was. I reported back to work with the same story in my pocket for my officemates.

Just hours ago, I was asked (yes, asked!) to watch Battle Royale (BR) by the same friend with the initial warning that I’d be watching the same plot as that of HG. 2am and I was patiently watching the killing scenes, more morbid and more fearless than HG. I’m not dwelling into everything that transpired between the two movies. Spare me, I’m a bad storyteller when it comes to movies. :p


I was, at some point, frustrated upon closing the laptop thinking that Suzanne Collins (author of HG) got the entire idea of the story from BR. That’s of course, after she negated the notion with her released statement that the story of HG was a biproduct of switching channels using the remote control. Duh.

I wish I had not seen BR. The relatively sublime feeling I had with HG went down as I learned it ‘could-have-been’ just another alteration of the movie, BR. The two movies can not be co-incidental. No way. See how these two characters from both movies appear to have the same role.




In other news, it’s been ¬†months since the last drama. I’m not into telling more dramas today because it will only make me look down to myself more and nobody can make me feel inferior now without my consent, sabeh! haha. Pero kuan oy. Nevermind.

And three long months after the recent vehicular accident I had, I was able to drive again. This time, more wary but with an expired license.

Long weekend’s over. I need to be excited for work. Ugh.


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