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‘You’re cool man!’

Hail to this nonsense/self-indulgent/(insert word here) blog for being a relatively talk-of-the-town today. Haha!

First, I got a call from a hopefully future employer saying they want to take a peek on this which obviously had me panicking. Second, a first-time reader left a seriously note-worthy comment on my then blogpost which had me laughing up to this writing.

The latter made me think, actually, that if I were ‘otherwise,’ will I be as cheesy as this? Or will I even write to celebrate the love I have? The answer is uncertain. My imagination limits me to think beyond what I enjoy as of the moment.

Moving forward, I’m blogging to post some important snapshots of what made my life a lot less boring lately.

TEQUILA SUNRISE, beybeh, during my partner's pre-birthday celebration! Gawd, this is sweet.


Tuna Pesto especially made by my partner. I actually tried the carbonara but wasn't able to take a pic of it. It tastes delicious as it appears. Good job, loves!


Of course, our 2nd monthsary. It was, hopefully, the last most 'quiet' (literally) monthsary moving forward. I made the wrong move, stressed and pissed my partner. If you were seated next to us in the coffee shop, you'd surely think we were complete strangers. No words were heard from us. But all izz well and I brought home that raspberry almond before the night ended. Thoughtful, eh? 🙂 (p.s.: i promise i won't be late for a date again. :D)


That’s it for now. I’m bad at ending my stories.





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Of changes and chocolates

Been typing, deleting, typing, pressing backspace, until totally shutting down the computer. For the past weeks, I have been so careful with my posts, my status messages in facebook, my tweets… everything that I used to do when I was still a social-networking-rat! The reason? I’m into an attempt to make a change. Haha!

Anyway, this blog always includes some catching-up about me though I know nobody cares. But I’ll blurt things out and my whereabouts for the days between the previous post and this. No need to freak out, there are just three major things I want to share.

1. I resigned from my first job. Yes, after 1 year and 6 months as a callboy, I finally decided to look for a job that is in harmony with my career goals. Eh? So after resigning, I left Davao (after a 6-year stay) and moved back to my hometown, Poland. I turned my back from the city lights, the busy roads, the traffic, the freedom, the parties, the coffee shops, the malls and restaurants, the real lovely friends. Now, things have changed. Been saving for school next sem, been sleeping during normal hours, been eating my favorite food, been enjoying life minus noise.

2. I QUIT SMOKING! I remember my thesis adviser told me this when we were cramming for my analytical framework: Dong, kanang yosi, inom ug laag, i-enjoy jud na habang bata pa. Pero pag 25 na ka, undangi na na tanan kay di na maayo. And now I’m 22. Too early to quit but I am more than decided to do this! Lately, drinking coffee needs no stick. Meals don’t need sticks after. Doing number 2 doesn’t require a stick. Drinking is fine without stick. And, after sex is better without a stick. This is sacrifice. This is commitment.

3. I am in-love, to the nth. And I know you will read this one of these days. The box of chocolates. Suntok sa buwan. The detractors. And the upcoming 1-day Cebu tour which excites us both, not because of the activities that await us there, but because we certainly are uncertain about what’s gonna happen there. (ang giluod, hikog!)

There are many things to look forward to. No turning back this time. All eyes set to what the future has for me.



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lately (that means a month or so ago), we have been texting for reasons we have since we’ve been together — that is to cope with the LDR (ngak) and to remind us both about the beans and g ‘call-it-whatever.’

but what do we do with this? We exchange ‘hellos’ and the template ‘kamusta na?’ and after we both say ‘ok ra’ we end up the conversation. This patterned conversation bothers me a lot — in fact even right this moment, I wouldn’t exactly know if we’re both happy or not with what we’re doing. Maybe texting isn’t enough, and yes, it realy isn’t. gusto ka mental telepathy?

and we can’t use reasons like ‘because you’re not here’ or ‘because you’re so busy…’ because those were beyond our control.and i wouldn’t want to continue sending sms with patterned messages. NOT AGAIN!

tomorrow is 17 and it’s been 8 months since we broke rules. (lol. :p)

i hope things get better before the short hand hits 12midnyt. i have proven so many times that you are worth the jerk that i am (familiar? haha), the ‘antukin’ that i am (roundabout issue), the stupid that i am, and the rest-of-the-synonyms-available that I am.

you always say/do corny things when you’re in love, ayt?


happy monthsary! *cheers*

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