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early bells

i remember receiving a pair of roller blades from santa claus when i was in grade 1. yes, it was number one in my wish list that time. i never had any idea of  ‘answered prayers’ before; all i knew was that, I had to write the christmas gift that i wanted and hope for santa’s kindness so that it may be granted.

until grade 5, i still believed in santa claus. had i not seen my mother wrapping the surprise gift for me, probably i am still making my materialistic wish lists up to now. but the picture didn’t change my desire to receive gifts every christmas. i still enjoy christmas and i still receive gifts from my parents.

i am now 20 but this season always brings out the child in me. i still hope for material things but could not write them all down on a piece of paper anymore. i cannot even hand that piece of paper to my parents because i am mindful that the santa claus could not be anybody else but me.

i am my own santa claus now. and along with this shift  are the changes in my desires for christmas. i believe some things are just worth listing and this time, i pray BIGTIME for them to happen.

1. the success of the alternative treatment of my adviser. i will always be one with you in your prayers for this, maam.

2. the reconciliation reunion of the BT! i know there will never be a complete attendance in a year’s time but i hope, at least, everybody will be humbled by the things we’ve been through for the past months.

3. a good job for me. 😀

now, you may bring down your eyebrow (i know the other one’s raised while reading the 3 wishes).

106870_000_joulupukki10 lb

all set for christmas!

for the past 19  christmas celebrations, much has been given to me. this year, i can only hope and pray so much. one thing’s for sure, i will be the happiest person if all these things take place on christmas… the best christmas will be mine.

merry christmas everyone! cheers!


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Naturally free-minded, blithe and light-hearted.

An innate talker who sometimes seems to be not sensible but actually is sensible.

Most of the time frisky and fun to be with.

Inquisitive, always one brave soul, observant and cool.

Secretly secretive.

Everybody’s friend and nobody’s enemy.

-Rea, best buddy


VINCENT AMORIO. A super ordinary masculine name added to a not-so-famous family name. A name given to a baby boy after his parents’ favorite song by Don McLean. Two names that mean much to him. Two names that he wanted to associate to and to speak for himself: Vincent, derived from a Latin verb ‘vincere‘ meaning ‘to conquer’ and Amorio, a Spanish term for love-making.

I was born and raised in the nondescript town of Polomolok, 20-kilometer from the nearest city, 60-kilometer from the region’s capital… a walk away from nowhere. I was born to a family with two other boisterous boys and one lovely girl, in our 328 square-meter kingdom.

Twenty summers have passed since then. The years taught me lots of lessons and left special marks in my being. As I trudged on through my journey, many people I have met…many learning I have derived, and all of these have aggregated to mold me. Life remains good. God has always been giving.

(This was a part of my paper in my intercultural communication subject. An autobiography.)

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Now i am all rushing things to have everything done before I go back to Davao.

I am more than halfway on my data gathering for my thesis. The process was so-so. I mean, it wasn’t too difficult to ‘penetrate’ my respondents for some reasons.  However, when I started checking the survey sheets, I began getting troubled.

UNSETTLED! I realized I was uber-rushing things now that time is already too limited. Though this is no-new-issue to me, I am still in panic mode because this is my THESIS — and this will make or break me! O.O


I have really mastered the art of procrastination down to whatever comprises it. Cram! And now, it’s CRAP. I think I am anticipating a crap for my haphazard way of doing things.

For now, I just don’t know where to start. The most unfortunate part of being wretched. =(

“anyway, mahuman lng nimo na beans before u know it..and mam jeni is with u..”

-inspiring words from Jezereel Louise Billano

Best Thesis of BACA-SPCM

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