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Even saints sin..

‘Twas one gloomy afternoon when we were comfortably seated in a cozy resto somewhere along the main road of your city. I had my lasagna. You had your pancit sotanghon, or so i remember. I answered a call from a friend, went outside the resto and sipped a single stick. When I came back, you stopped munching your garlic bread and moved away from your laptop upon hearing me say ‘hey, i want to blog you!’ I never thought blogging about you could be this early. I was waiting for the right drive for me to actually write about you… Until our conversation last night over the phone.

we only have these nonliving objects as witnesses to our conversation

This is a story of a friend. If I sort my friends out, he belongs to those whom I met because I did not have enough choices to choose from. Atik lang, I opted befriending you. Yes, he is a he. And yes again, he is distinct.

In fairness, my mom loves him. He’s been a loyal transient the past holidays. Actually, mom and I share the same reasons for liking this person. Here’s a checklist:

* he is respectful. he welcomes you with a smile, greets you with much courtesy and talks to you nicely.
* he is sensitive. he knows when you’re not in the mood for a talk and stuff alike. 😀
* he is thoughtful. i had 23 missed calls from him when i was bedridden. i asked him to call me 11th of the night so i can take my meds. i didn’t know my phone was in silent mode. he was pissed, i know.
* he is generous. need i say more?
* he is socially involved. yes, he is into outreach activities and that i am proud of him.
* he is smart… i hope to believe. 😉
* he laughs with you. and that’s all that i need when i talk — a laugher. 🙂

And the list continues. See? My friend is ideal. haha. Those were the things my mom and I know about him. Here’s the catch. There are things only I, myself, know about this friend; and I say I, not even his ex, not even his current fishes, not even his family, not even his closest buddies know these things about him. I am sharing you this because I want you to know that saints have bad past. High-five muna para sa magandang tira! Here’s another checklist:

* he sings with his own lyrics.
* he is konyo. and so is his name. he speaks without thinking, sometimes.
* he doesn’t like texting. he calls.
* he is more than dangerous when drunk. during drinking session, he’d try to impress you by chugging every beer and what-have-you that you’d hand him. but when he’s home, he’ll say the words he’s not supposed to say and do what he’s not supposed to do. :p
* POV: he considers humans as toys. I said this is a POV. and i think he is very good at playing with his toys.
* he strips even with a stranger. mouth zipped.
* he is simply the master of kinkiness! his libido overflows. ah-umm.

I usually tell him it’s seldom that I meet a friend who has extreme personalities. He is the quintessential extremes guy. He is an achiever, a good friend. At the same time, he makes you think you’re the most tamed and chaste person on earth when he starts blabbing about his exploits and kinkiness.

He becomes true when he talks to me. He doesn’t filter a thing. He’d initially say “sasabihin ko ba o hindi? sige na nga, sabihin ko na.” And then the rest is history. His stories sometimes become my bedtime stories. And if you hear me shouting in the middle of the night, it’s because I need to shout things out for him to understand that he is not an 18-year old kid who has enough excuses not to get too serious with life.

That the saint has a bad past, and that a sinner has a bad future. I hope not. He deserves a better future. He is on his way there anyway. He should have the best in life! He will always be a friend and as long as I am capable of listening to his rants, stories (both the good and the naughty ones), i will still give him an extra time!

Sometimes, the only thing people see is what you did when in fact they should be looking at why you did it. Now this is what i will figure out next. 😉

p.s.: this is actually a little less harsh from what i originally intend. and another postscript. while writing this, i was updating via ym with my friend when he suddenly signed out without saying a thing. perhaps, perhaps, he had sex again. hahahahah


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Like any boring Sunday afternoon where Joan and Beans are as bored as the fish inside the aquarium (ay na..), we both decided to hang out at El Roi’s — boarding house near ours. Joan, that time just finished watching Love of Siam — giving me a hard time explaining into details some scenes in the movie.

The plan: to drink coke sakto and to have some puff while both of us were still not in the mood to take a bath. The boardinghouse also caters some foods for lunch and the like.

Super bored, we were just staring at whatever we see within our sight when suddenly, Joan interrupted our moment with the surrounding

“Panlalaki lagi kaayo ilang mga sud-an diri no?”

I laughed at what she said. She was serious, mind you! And Joan will always be serious with those kinds of questions.

“So naa nay gender ang sud-an karon Jo?”

I was still laughing when I asked that. And I asked her why she thought that way.

She seriously added… “tan-awa ra gud o, calderetang kanding, papaitan, balbacua…”

Bravo! Bravo!

Yes, those were for pulutan, ayt?

And I wouldn’t have to agree or disagree with her. After all, this is all about the birth of the FOODS’ GENDER. Thanks to my friend!

*So what foods are for girls, gays, and lesbians?*

joan and beans are starving!

joan and beans are starving!

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