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lately (that means a month or so ago), we have been texting for reasons we have since we’ve been together — that is to cope with the LDR (ngak) and to remind us both about the beans and g ‘call-it-whatever.’

but what do we do with this? We exchange ‘hellos’ and the template ‘kamusta na?’ and after we both say ‘ok ra’ we end up the conversation. This patterned conversation bothers me a lot — in fact even right this moment, I wouldn’t exactly know if we’re both happy or not with what we’re doing. Maybe texting isn’t enough, and yes, it realy isn’t. gusto ka mental telepathy?

and we can’t use reasons like ‘because you’re not here’ or ‘because you’re so busy…’ because those were beyond our control.and i wouldn’t want to continue sending sms with patterned messages. NOT AGAIN!

tomorrow is 17 and it’s been 8 months since we broke rules. (lol. :p)

i hope things get better before the short hand hits 12midnyt. i have proven so many times that you are worth the jerk that i am (familiar? haha), the ‘antukin’ that i am (roundabout issue), the stupid that i am, and the rest-of-the-synonyms-available that I am.

you always say/do corny things when you’re in love, ayt?


happy monthsary! *cheers*


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