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Hello 2013!

While a lot of people complain about getting fat during the long Christmas season and the New Year, I am trying to collect all my thoughts tonight for the 365-day journey I’m about to begin this year.

Early last year after getting into a vehicular accident, I have cared more about the people around me and the things I enjoy doing. Battling to my second life was a struggle and certainly, these circumstances made my 2012.

And like everybody else, I’m now drafting my plans for 2013 before life gets busy again tomorrow.

1. Travel. I’m a fan. This year, I have planned three among others in my mind, Hongkong and Macau and Boracay. Thank goodness, Cebu Pacific gives chances to poor kids like me to still manage to step on other places without worrying much about plane fares.

2. Career. I’m enjoying my job but I still consider getting better opportunities the soonest. So I guess, the first quarter of the year will be about job hunting. Bahala na si batman! 

3. Studies. I’m few units away from completing my Masters degree. This part of the year excites me. And I don’t know if marching some time this year or next year contributes to my career growth. Haha!

4. Love. After last year’s twists and turns, I’m thankful I still feel sane about this thing. And unlike my job, I’m not into love-hunting. (P.S. For the record, I welcomed 2013 without changing partner unlike the past 5 years of my life. Dako na jud ko.)

5. Etcetera.

  • Getting to shape this year. Chos
  • Lesser bisyo, thanks to Sin Tax! 🙂
  • Pay bills on time. Gawd!
  • Explore greater heights.
  • American series overload.
                                                Happy New Year!

There is nothing so novel about my plans, I suppose. But this should be a more exciting year. And I’m claiming this to be a better year to me, my friends and my family.


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One weekend in Cebu

So I’m having a high fever now. Really not a good feeling after the Cebu trip over the weekend. 

It wasn’t really the ideal trip. Not the trip that would make me say ‘I wanna go back to Cebu again and again.’ Shall I blame this to the tarot card reading I first did when I arrived there? Haha!

But I am over the not-so-good happenings. Instead, I am sharing to you the captured happy moments I had in Cebu.

This is the first out of town trip I had with my mum. But it wasn’t planned at all. She just booked the same flight as mine for the business trip she had to attend. She might have to do a lot of intervening with my laag but she is still the best. She gets along with my friends so much because my mum is the coolest!


Primarily, this is the reason for the weekend trip. Them. The mini reunion with my BT Loves, Joan, Gold and Rai. Thank you, Gold for the unlimited treat, Joan for giving us the best laughtrip and Rai for making yourself present despite your busy schedule. I miss you and I look forward to another meet-up this month. Gensan, beybeh! 🙂

My bestfriend, Ron. Thank you for the 1 night stay, for making me experience the bathtub in your CR, for introducing me to your loooves, for making yourself available during my entire stay. You’re the best! 🙂

This photo was taken at TOPS, the highest point in Cebu where you can have a glimpse of the city lights at night. This is not a good place, I swear, and I will never recommend this place to you, readers, if you get the chance to visit Cebu. But anyway, that’s NT. He was also with me during the trip with an over-over-extended patience for all the mishaps we encountered. As you said NT, ‘Thank you for the wonderful time we had. Not a perfect out of town trip but still wonderful.’ 

This picture is enough to make me say I still enjoyed the weekend trip. My mum, my 2 bestest friends Rai and Ron, and NT. Yeyy! Solb!

p.s. I lost my BB phone inside the taxi in Cebu. Mao lang. Kbye.

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I’ve been away for almost a month. A friend asked me to write about the details regarding my absence. I told her it’s rated PG and today is not yet my final comeback! Seriously, what she asked me to do made me ponder on the things i did for the past month. I was out mainly for three things: to make friends, to be a boyfriend, to have fun!

no, i'm not in Saudi Arabia right now.

With the very short span of time, I never thought I’d meet lots of good people from all walks of life. I met a former financial analyst from BDO, a former nurse in Makati Medical Center, a former crew in HardRock Cafe in Hollywood, a former Japan entertainer, a former product specialist in Makati, and more formers. And now we’re all under a single umbrella. So when they asked me ‘what about you?,’ my answer would always be ‘i am a former houseboy, a former blog-rat.’ I didn’t know we all would make perfect gang. Lately, going home at 3 or 4am is not an issue anymore since Mr. HardRock Cafe drives us home every night outs. That assurance means getting it’s ok to get too drunk, more puking moments and more parteyyys.

Second, I am a boyfriend again! Cheers. Last Thursday was our first monthsary so we went out to eat somewhere. Then we chilled with friends and drank till 3am. The best part will always be the after-party, you know why. My partner is a reader so I won’t dig into details. PM me if you want details. Weh.

Finally, everything’s fun for the past month. Meet-ups with a lot of friends — my BT friends at Zabadani, Suckingbird Keller and Hellen Keller at Pacific Harbor, Ron and Hapi at what-have-you, other college friends at my place, and… i get tired thinking about the hangovers. More to these, I also eat a lot lately. Now it’s more than thrice a day, Gawd!

the girls of BT, still the same.

I surely missed a lot of things though. I missed blogging. I missed unlimited rice back home. I missed SHOWTIME. I missed stalking. I missed oversleeping. And counting.

This is not my final comeback. I just blogged to update. I still have days to come to make more friends, to be a good boyfriend, and to have more fun. 😉

Have a blessed holy week, everyone!

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The Unpaid Love Doctor

An instant message from a friend popped out in ym saying her ex haunts her and she doesn’t like the feeling. I said, ignore the sms but don’t throw away your sim. An ex is never worth a sacrifice anymore.

An hour after…

A friend from Manila called, crying, after she proposed a breakup to her boyfriend upon reading some sweet sms from her boyfriend’s ex. I said, talk to him and explain your side. Don’t overreact, listen.

An hour after…

I received an sms from a friend. He complained about his girlfriend becoming colder each day. I said, you know what to do to bring back the warmth. BOOM BOOM PAW!

And more and more relationship issues, both serious and petty, kept coming. Seriously, uso na ang call waiting sa phone ko. mas traffic pa kesa sa blog ko. haha

I AM THE UNPAID LOVE DOCTOR. And I am happy every time I help friends solve their love dramas. The problem is, I can’t help myself with my issues and worse, I do not have a love doctor who will do the things I do to others. Drama lang. 😉

the doctor needs to look pleasant... and formal.

Enough of the drama. Chillax! Keep that cool, friends.

Meanwhile, a friend introduced a relatively nice song which put a smile on my face. This is for my girl friends and boy friends who drop by here. Enjoy! Cheers!

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February 14, 2009. The date is right.

That is me and anj. And this is how our story began. No, I did not know how it started. It never did. We just go along well with each other that’s why we became super friends. You want proofs? Here!

JAY-R's gym babies.

Anj is my gymbuddy. Never in my wildest dreams did I want to enroll in a fitness gym. I don’t have wild dreams in the first place, I have wet dreams. Haha! But obviously, we only lasted for a month as gym-goers. More than the thesis we’re doing that time, we cannot get away with the lifestyle we had for years. We are buddies in so many ways and when you need to tag somebody for beer, food and the like, Anj is on her way downtown. haha

i cannot retrieve our drinking-in-action pics so here's an after-drinking pic. we both become reddish after few gulps.

my coffee buddy. 1st time at zabadani. 🙂

My 'raket' buddy. Together with rinne, we worked as documenters early last sem. We won't do it again!

beach/pool/underwater buddy. oha. san ka pa? owwwver na ang moments namin.

We have lots of moments together, much as I do with my other friends. But Anj remains unique because she speaks her mind right away, she shouts when she has to, and she…she is just one of the most beautiful persons alive! (kurog dayon tits!)

And now, since we’re miles apart and our only chance to see each other is this April’s graduation (ehem), our camwhorism still didn’t stop us from doing what we’ve been mastering for years. We made a deal to take a photo of ourselves which resulted to this:

the prince of poland, the princess of puan. distance can't stop us from keeping us together. 😉

i will see you very soon, tits! 🙂

P.S. Sometimes, we even have the same slippers. 😉

the blue metallic. asa dira akong tiil be? haha. obvious.

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It was one of the boring nights we had in my then boarding house when Joan and I decided to go out and grab some beer to spend the whole night. We headed to datcom, UP Mindanao’s finest tambayan for the drunkards. Not a lot of Iskos and Iskas were there so we had real good time chugging rhum tea and a bucket of beer and sipping sticks of cigarettes. But unlike other drinkers who talk too much while taking a gulp, the laptop and the online thing we’re doing stopped us from talking to each other. And so there was ofpuffsandshots.wordpress.com — a product of drunkness on a boring night.

This is joan. And this is how we look like when we're drunk. 🙂

Insert: (Everybody) Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you!

Soiebeans: Thank you. Thank you.

Anyway, I want to be very retrospective in this post. I never thought of writing for an anniversary blogpost (after 75 entries for the past year), I tell you, so there will be much looking back and thanking important people that’s gonna happen in this post.

I am more than cognizant of the fact that this blog has been one of the witnesses to my life’s struggles and happiness. It has helped me become a good storyteller, an emotional lover, and a sentimental friend. I am listing down the relatively significant posts which will validate that indeed, this blog has become the real sponge of my emotions.

1. A Lover. breaking rules – 8 months and counting

2. Heartbroken. a lame excuse – the final countdown

3. Letting go. Blanking Over

4. Raged.
*The new talk of the town

5. Academic struggles. thesis it!

6. A ‘tripper.’
*babalik ako
*Till next time, Cebu!

7. A lover, again and again. twinkletoes.

8. A concerned citizen.
* i pray
* alert! alert!

9. A sentimental friend. at dahil pumasa ka ng AH5.

10. Kinky and naughty. SEMI-VIRGIN?

11. A happy kid. ADIEU 2009!

Of course, I cannot only recall the memorable posts I had without thanking the people who constantly visit my blog. Special thanks to Rea Gene, for being the top commenter. You inspired me to make a blog, in the first place. To Suckingbird and Jepoy, for always updating, for always asking the meat of the issues. To Anne Shane (Ansiyen) and Kathy Mar, for keeping an eye in this site. To the Barkadahang Tunay people, for surprising me with your knowledge about my posts. Anj, Jo, Gold, Elton, Ste, Krisha and Colin, thanks. To Ram, for thinking that this is a soft-porn site, thank you.To Bryan, the hardcore drinker, thanks for reading my posts. I will always salute your drinking prowess! To my two living idols in the blogging world, thank you for being an, ehem, inspiration, Bookie and Mandaya!

To my UPMindanao passers-by (and readers), George, Maan, Fritz, Teena, Ate Ling, Ate Malou, etcetera, thank you. To my high school classmates who tried to visit this site, thank you jampong! To the rest of the bloggers, special mention to Mark and PetiBurges , who spent a second to visit, skim, and drop a comment, I appreciate it, bigtime! To my anonymous readers who has kept my blogstats flying, thank you very much.

To the readers of my other blog who visited this site also, oha, marunong din akong mag-ingles. Kala nyo lang hindi. haha. Salamat pa rin sa inyo. 🙂

And to you, twinkletoes, I know you still read my blogs. If not, at least thank you for being my favorite subject in my blogposts. Thank you, mife! 😉

From the BOTTOM of my everything, THANK YOU!

Cheers to a wonderful blogging year! More years in the blogosphere with the pseudoblogger. Bottom’s up tayo jan! Balik-balik! 😉

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Even saints sin..

‘Twas one gloomy afternoon when we were comfortably seated in a cozy resto somewhere along the main road of your city. I had my lasagna. You had your pancit sotanghon, or so i remember. I answered a call from a friend, went outside the resto and sipped a single stick. When I came back, you stopped munching your garlic bread and moved away from your laptop upon hearing me say ‘hey, i want to blog you!’ I never thought blogging about you could be this early. I was waiting for the right drive for me to actually write about you… Until our conversation last night over the phone.

we only have these nonliving objects as witnesses to our conversation

This is a story of a friend. If I sort my friends out, he belongs to those whom I met because I did not have enough choices to choose from. Atik lang, I opted befriending you. Yes, he is a he. And yes again, he is distinct.

In fairness, my mom loves him. He’s been a loyal transient the past holidays. Actually, mom and I share the same reasons for liking this person. Here’s a checklist:

* he is respectful. he welcomes you with a smile, greets you with much courtesy and talks to you nicely.
* he is sensitive. he knows when you’re not in the mood for a talk and stuff alike. 😀
* he is thoughtful. i had 23 missed calls from him when i was bedridden. i asked him to call me 11th of the night so i can take my meds. i didn’t know my phone was in silent mode. he was pissed, i know.
* he is generous. need i say more?
* he is socially involved. yes, he is into outreach activities and that i am proud of him.
* he is smart… i hope to believe. 😉
* he laughs with you. and that’s all that i need when i talk — a laugher. 🙂

And the list continues. See? My friend is ideal. haha. Those were the things my mom and I know about him. Here’s the catch. There are things only I, myself, know about this friend; and I say I, not even his ex, not even his current fishes, not even his family, not even his closest buddies know these things about him. I am sharing you this because I want you to know that saints have bad past. High-five muna para sa magandang tira! Here’s another checklist:

* he sings with his own lyrics.
* he is konyo. and so is his name. he speaks without thinking, sometimes.
* he doesn’t like texting. he calls.
* he is more than dangerous when drunk. during drinking session, he’d try to impress you by chugging every beer and what-have-you that you’d hand him. but when he’s home, he’ll say the words he’s not supposed to say and do what he’s not supposed to do. :p
* POV: he considers humans as toys. I said this is a POV. and i think he is very good at playing with his toys.
* he strips even with a stranger. mouth zipped.
* he is simply the master of kinkiness! his libido overflows. ah-umm.

I usually tell him it’s seldom that I meet a friend who has extreme personalities. He is the quintessential extremes guy. He is an achiever, a good friend. At the same time, he makes you think you’re the most tamed and chaste person on earth when he starts blabbing about his exploits and kinkiness.

He becomes true when he talks to me. He doesn’t filter a thing. He’d initially say “sasabihin ko ba o hindi? sige na nga, sabihin ko na.” And then the rest is history. His stories sometimes become my bedtime stories. And if you hear me shouting in the middle of the night, it’s because I need to shout things out for him to understand that he is not an 18-year old kid who has enough excuses not to get too serious with life.

That the saint has a bad past, and that a sinner has a bad future. I hope not. He deserves a better future. He is on his way there anyway. He should have the best in life! He will always be a friend and as long as I am capable of listening to his rants, stories (both the good and the naughty ones), i will still give him an extra time!

Sometimes, the only thing people see is what you did when in fact they should be looking at why you did it. Now this is what i will figure out next. 😉

p.s.: this is actually a little less harsh from what i originally intend. and another postscript. while writing this, i was updating via ym with my friend when he suddenly signed out without saying a thing. perhaps, perhaps, he had sex again. hahahahah

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