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Melons to Lemons

Everybody who knows I got into an accident normally say, ‘it has a reason it happened.’ Well that’s aside from those who tell me, ‘masamang damo ka, don’t worry.’ To set things straight, I don’t know the exact reason.

You decide which photo's taken after the accident. Lels

But here’s a list of some obvious and random reasons — a proof of how dramatic my life has become lately especially when I do self-contemplation during my bus-rides to work.

Maybe it strengthened the bond between me and my parents.

Maybe it made me realize my father is really capable to do cash-out when necessary. Haha!

Maybe it’s seeing how true my friends are. That despite how different I look after the accident, they can still afford to walk with me in the malls.

Before and after melons. Nothing’s changed, I believe.

Maybe it’s doing away with the stress I used to worry in my existing (insert adjective) relationship. Be open, be cool, be budoy.

Maybe it’s getting rid of everything in the list above and retaining only number 8.

Maybe it allowed me to love my work more. To think about money, above all. Haha!

Maybe it’s a sign I should stop driving and take the passenger’s seat always instead.

Maybe it’s about time I should trust my left hand. It’s useful. Uhh, exactly the same thing you’re thinking. Haha!

Maybe it’s a wake up call that I can actually last a week without sex.

This is life. It’s always been a dawat-dawat system.


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May 22, 2009

I just have to learn by heart every conversation i had with my two other friends whose names i need not mention here.  They were a lot more impish than me, at least, and they take things the coolest way they can. I envy them. They forego and forget. I can’t do the same but I’m pushing myself to do so. I have to!

This is it!

After grueling myself with the issues I have to solve alone, I am finally putting an end to this distress — NOW! I don’t think I’ll get over this with the time frame I’ve given myself, but at least I have known the limit and it draws to a close right this moment.

No more drama.

No more palpitations (?).

No more feelings.

I weighed things out for a number of times then and realized I cannot be happier until I let go of this feeling. You were the first to be taken seriously so goes the fear in me that you will be the hardest to forget. And i hate saying this. =(

Take note, this is not a ‘hello-I’m-single’ post because I have never wanted to rush things out. For the last three months, I have known people and have stopped myself from getting into the same feeling again. I know there was not much seriousness in me so I’d rather stop before I fall. I didn’t care then if I hurt people. I felt bad though, but it was the easiest escape that time.

Anyway, this time I know I have to use my brain. That means knowing what better things I have to do for myself. And for now, I only know one thing and I quote Rea for this: ‘I only have myself to depend on.’

Enough said. I had good time having you though. Have fun… gray. =)

*game over.*

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