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because… because…

my parents finally made a decision. all my life, i have never made a decision on my own. they do the job for me. it was never an issue though; i was never confident about my decisions. and so last friday, my mom told me to go and find myself pursue the thing i wanted for so long.

no i’m schooling again. no i’m not yet going to dubai. no i’m not going to audition for big brother. no i’m not marrying. no i’m not undergoing any surgical operation.

and no, i am not going to a self-exile again.

and so maybe if nobody leaves a comment before 3pm today, you may wait for about a day or two for me to reply to your comment/s. my house there doesn’t have internet connection. maybe i’d eat breakfast in wifi zone food establishments so i can still update my blog and stuff alike.

p.s.: together with your prayers for the success of this endeavor, i ask you to pray, too, for the safety of this world most especially those at the pacific region including the philippines. 🙂


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so long..


no self-indulgence, no effing, no everything… for the meantime.

the pseudoblogger will be away for a while. be back when he finds himself again. so expect a better him when he comes back.

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the reason

the reason

and now i’m caught between two important things.

and now i have to make an important decision – a mature and right decision.

and now i don’t know what to do. very confused. =(

this is it! (i don’t know if this would make me jump or just sit in a corner).

others unemployed; beans (an undergrad), HIRED!

TODAY, is my first day as an office person. come clean. come professional.

p.s.: the picture is exactly the fax machine on my table. hay. the job is very commarts.


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