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waah. i don’t know why somebody said i’m spaced out lately.

spaced-out? yes. i'm almost near the moon. haha

spaced-out? yes. i'm almost near the moon. haha

ooh. may twist na ang aking life diba?

can i just give you the reasons for this?

1. all my subjects have deadlines to beat. and i don’t know if i can beat them. haha.
2. my thesis is oo-la-lah! (di na lang ko magtell)
3. i miss home.
4. it’s graduation soon and it’s not so soon for me. my other friends will be leaving me. that’s so sad, right?
5. i don’t know what’s gonna happen after this sem. i don’t know. *serious*
6. somebody’s bipolar. and it’s not you, angelie! haha
7. back to number 1.

so you think i’m still the beans you can laugh with?

syempre naman. haha. beans will be cool whatever happens.

and to you who noticed i’m spaced-out lately, umm… you are te reason for this. =(


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