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I have had enough summer-lovin-melonshake in just a week’s time.

Nothing new. Nothing so extreme. The typical summer. Para maka-summer lang! Haha! But I had so much fun.

New people.

New heights.

Conquering fear.

Bluejaz Resort, Island Garden City of Samal.

What’s new? I tried the slides (with and without floater).

Gumasa, Sarangani Province

What’s new? Nothing. Failed levitation shot, perhaps?

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

What’s new? Tried zipline.

Running out of words now. K. Bye.


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Gunshots no more

Remember, if you smoke after sex you’re doing it too fast.

-Woody Allen

I could vividly recall how I tried to keep every stick of cigarette from my college roommate’s eyes then. It gives me goosebumps every time I recall sneaking out from the house at 12 midnight to light a stick when everybody in the house is already sound asleep. Years back, my classmates during our senior year complain a lot at how I diffuse the smell of a lit cigar in an airconditioned room.

I smoked.Β  It started with 1 stick. The next day it’s 2. Then it’s 3. Until a pack of 20’s a day. It started with lights. Explored Gudang. Tried Dunhill Frost (and liked it so much). Sipped Capri. Puffed on a Black Bat’s smoke. Threw Black Devil’s cigarette butt. But everything lasted with Red.

As I write this, I want to press Ctrl + A, delete and then run to the nearest store to get one stick. But no. There are a number of times where I stood by my decision, proving I can do this even without having somebody else’s support. Many shot glasses passed by me without clipping a stick in between. I have had morning and evening coffee without its bestfriend, the smoke. And you’re anticipating it right, no smoke after sex.

But more than anything else, I want to share how this decision was made. I had 4 partners (too few, eh?), almost all not wanting me to smoke except for 1 who is a heavier smoker than me. I have had a number of attempts at putting an end to this guilty pleasure by convincing myself that I don’t like smoking at all. Unfortunately, I ended up not believing myself. Then came this God-knows-who someone. Yes, my partner. And after convincing me to stop smoking, I did. No further argument. No counter-attack. Simply making love work at its finest.

Ofpuffsandshots. There’s no point changing the name of this blog. This is still the blog that tells all about my guilty pleasures. The puffs. The shots. And more stories of being drunk, getting into fights, trying some weird posish.

p.s.: Woody Allen was right. When you don’t smoke, you don’t need to speed things up while on bed.

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I started here.

I loved.

I became broken-hearted.

I explored some places.

I met different people.

I bid goodbye and said hello.

And now, it’s my time to share the missing part of this blog.


It’s been a year since I last visited this blog. Talk about loss of interest and guts in writing. Talk about finding myself back. Talk about job. Talk about lack of time’s luxury. But hey! I’m here and I am on the go to write again. πŸ˜‰


English Only Policy

Yes, I am a callboy, as what rumors say and I am proud of it. And please, speak in the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. Hahaha! After more than a year of working as a consulant, I wasn’t able to give too much time for myself, the way things usually work for me before. Everyday seems to be too mechanical. I wake up, take a bath, dress up, go to work, work, rest, sleep… and the cycle continues. I embraced this fate and I never had a single question as to why I got this job when other more appropriate ones initially came before me. I enjoy being here though I’m still struggling to sound nasal. πŸ™‚

one of the last bondings we had.

Another major reason for the sudden shift of my life’s path was my bestfriend Ron’s movement to Cebu. No more MAMITA’s moments. No more manga sa Roxas. No more fun. That’s what I exactly thought until some special people came.


Here are some of them. Meet Axe, Zui, Dyna, Polly, and Benjamar. They are certainly the characters of the next chapter of my life. Stories of cooking shows, of more drinking sessions, of foodtrips, of laughter and tears — these make this part a lot interesting. Definitely, mga kampi ng bida. πŸ™‚
Apparently, for a year of hiatus, one thing never changed about me. I am the same hopeless romantic you all used to know. As of this writing, I am 9 months smiling for one reason – YOU! Yes, you made me write again. You pushed me to get up and let the people know I still exist. β™₯_β™₯


P.S. I may not be updating this site as frequent as I used to do but I assure you, I’ll be back and I will continue to share my self-indulgent stories. πŸ™‚


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gimme the ball!

i have not lost the interest in blogging. not yet… Β it’s just too early for that. for more than a month, i have not updated this blog due to some reasons. worse, the last entry i had was still about my scandalous and sinful relationship, as petiburges quoted (and i thank you for defining that thing for me). the lighter side now is, i’m okay… someone’s making my mornings bright again.

there have been a number of reasons for my absence in this blog realm.

1. i finally graduated. now, i am proud to say ‘I learned the UP Way. I survived UP!’

gold, anj, vince, and joan --- @lito sy

with prof. jhoanna lynn cruz, one of the best teachers ever.

2. i’ve been very busy working lately. life gets better as i meet more and more friends. more ‘cheers!’ more parties. more fun. i love what i’m doing right now and i don’t regret declining three other jobs for this. this is the life i’ve been dreaming since thesis days!

3. kris john visited us mid of april. of course, he had to experience partying the ‘davao’ way. now, he’s back in cebu. you wait for us there!

of course he can't leave davao without this memorable 'nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura' picture!

4. i went gaga when ron was rushed to the hospital one drunk night of may. Β he stayed there for nights after a kidney stone was found. his room became an instant party place. remember room 430 in SPH!

ron with mao and hapi..

5. my laptop was stolen. 😦

anyway, my apologies, friends, for not being able to visit your sites from time to time. i miss ‘blog-ratting.’ don’t worry, i’d still visit your blogs.

till then…

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February 14, 2009. The date is right.

That is me and anj. And this is how our story began. No, I did not know how it started. It never did. We just go along well with each other that’s why we became super friends. You want proofs? Here!

JAY-R's gym babies.

Anj is my gymbuddy. Never in my wildest dreams did I want to enroll in a fitness gym. I don’t have wild dreams in the first place, I have wet dreams. Haha! But obviously, we only lasted for a month as gym-goers. More than the thesis we’re doing that time, we cannot get away with the lifestyle we had for years. We are buddies in so many ways and when you need to tag somebody for beer, food and the like, Anj is on her way downtown. haha

i cannot retrieve our drinking-in-action pics so here's an after-drinking pic. we both become reddish after few gulps.

my coffee buddy. 1st time at zabadani. πŸ™‚

My 'raket' buddy. Together with rinne, we worked as documenters early last sem. We won't do it again!

beach/pool/underwater buddy. oha. san ka pa? owwwver na ang moments namin.

We have lots of moments together, much as I do with my other friends. But Anj remains unique because she speaks her mind right away, she shouts when she has to, and she…she is just one of the most beautiful persons alive! (kurog dayon tits!)

And now, since we’re miles apart and our only chance to see each other is this April’s graduation (ehem), our camwhorism still didn’t stop us from doing what we’ve been mastering for years. We made a deal to take a photo of ourselves which resulted to this:

the prince of poland, the princess of puan. distance can't stop us from keeping us together. πŸ˜‰

i will see you very soon, tits! πŸ™‚

P.S. Sometimes, we even have the same slippers. πŸ˜‰

the blue metallic. asa dira akong tiil be? haha. obvious.

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It was one of the boring nights we had in my then boarding house when Joan and I decided to go out and grab some beer to spend the whole night. We headed to datcom, UP Mindanao’s finest tambayan for the drunkards. Not a lot of Iskos and Iskas were there so we had real good time chugging rhum tea and a bucket of beer and sipping sticks of cigarettes. But unlike other drinkers who talk too much while taking a gulp, the laptop and the online thing we’re doing stopped us from talking to each other. And so there was ofpuffsandshots.wordpress.com — a product of drunkness on a boring night.

This is joan. And this is how we look like when we're drunk. πŸ™‚

Insert: (Everybody) Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you!

Soiebeans: Thank you. Thank you.

Anyway, I want to be very retrospective in this post. I never thought of writing for an anniversary blogpost (after 75 entries for the past year), I tell you, so there will be much looking back and thanking important people that’s gonna happen in this post.

I am more than cognizant of the fact that this blog has been one of the witnesses to my life’s struggles and happiness. It has helped me become a good storyteller, an emotional lover, and a sentimental friend. I am listing down the relatively significant posts which will validate that indeed, this blog has become the real sponge of my emotions.

1. A Lover. breaking rules – 8 months and counting

2. Heartbroken. a lame excuse – the final countdown

3. Letting go. Blanking Over

4. Raged.
*The new talk of the town

5. Academic struggles. thesis it!

6. A ‘tripper.’
*babalik ako
*Till next time, Cebu!

7. A lover, again and again. twinkletoes.

8. A concerned citizen.
* i pray
* alert! alert!

9. A sentimental friend. at dahil pumasa ka ng AH5.

10. Kinky and naughty. SEMI-VIRGIN?

11. A happy kid. ADIEU 2009!

Of course, I cannot only recall the memorable posts I had without thanking the people who constantly visit my blog. Special thanks to Rea Gene, for being the top commenter. You inspired me to make a blog, in the first place. To Suckingbird and Jepoy, for always updating, for always asking the meat of the issues. To Anne Shane (Ansiyen) and Kathy Mar, for keeping an eye in this site. To the Barkadahang Tunay people, for surprising me with your knowledge about my posts. Anj, Jo, Gold, Elton, Ste, Krisha and Colin, thanks. To Ram, for thinking that this is a soft-porn site, thank you.To Bryan, the hardcore drinker, thanks for reading my posts. I will always salute your drinking prowess! To my two living idols in the blogging world, thank you for being an, ehem, inspiration, Bookie and Mandaya!

To my UPMindanao passers-by (and readers), George, Maan, Fritz, Teena, Ate Ling, Ate Malou, etcetera, thank you. To my high school classmates who tried to visit this site, thank you jampong! To the rest of the bloggers, special mention to Mark and PetiBurges , who spent a second to visit, skim, and drop a comment, I appreciate it, bigtime! To my anonymous readers who has kept my blogstats flying, thank you very much.

To the readers of my other blog who visited this site also, oha, marunong din akong mag-ingles. Kala nyo lang hindi. haha. Salamat pa rin sa inyo. πŸ™‚

And to you, twinkletoes, I know you still read my blogs. If not, at least thank you for being my favorite subject in my blogposts. Thank you, mife! πŸ˜‰

From the BOTTOM of my everything, THANK YOU!

Cheers to a wonderful blogging year! More years in the blogosphere with the pseudoblogger. Bottom’s up tayo jan! Balik-balik! πŸ˜‰

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To start the year right, you need a good sex. Kidding.

It’s been days since the year started. So far, the year’s commencing real good, bigtime! This year’s a big ‘rawr’ as I started it with unending parteys, my birthday included, and other sidetrips in GenSan and Koronadal. Good thing I have friends who extended their vacations. But they’re all back to Manila, Cebu, Davao, and the Yoyi Land now so am officially ending my holidays today!

Anyway, the best thing I need to do now is set my plans for this year. I wish to accomplish everything before the year ends.

1. Real job. I need to be hired asap. I can’t stay a brat all throughout this year. But as Ron said, ‘Pano ka makatrabaho kung wala ka gapangapply?‘ Perfect!

2. Continue schooling. Next semester, I hope to enroll for my Masters’ Degree. And no, I am not taking up law. I will never be a good lawyer. I want Development Communication.

3. A visit to Cebu. Yes, I made a promise to a friend that I will be back there and enjoy Cebu’s night life again! Soon but not too soon. πŸ™‚

4. Trip to Manila with Ron for the 2010 UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Early last year, we really planned to hit Manila for the said event. It’s an agreement. πŸ™‚

5. More parteyys. Yes, I still look forward to experiencing Davao’s friday and saturday nights, though not as often as I used to do during college days. Will also hit Gensan and Koronadal again as the party zones there are unbelievably evolving.

6. My graduation. Need I say more?

I hope to have all the resources to successfully accomplish everything listed here. And I will be tagging my friends to join me as I make this year a memorable one. This will be a good year, I know. πŸ˜‰

BTW, this song became the mood-setter for this year. Enjoy!

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