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Last night was super fun. Yeah and I parteyed with people I just met also last night. How’s that? All I knew was my cousin and others… I can’t even remember their names. Bad beans. But I remember where they graduated – SPC, ADDU, UM, UIC. O ha. Power group. But they were a lot older than me. They are all professionals — a nurse, a medrep, an engineer, a toyota staff, and the like. And beans is a UP student. engk. haha.

Anyway, the place: Idol Grill, Torres. We started at 7pm thinking that we could end the session earlier. Overflowing BEERS! oh so yummy. And no smoking policy within the area so i had to go out and ask for a light from the policemen roaming around. o ha. Asang republic act ana? hahaha. And the session was a lot different from my normal sessions. Of course, the normal is when I’m with my college friends who could only afford to give 20pesos for pulutan. Last night’s pulutan was also overflowing. And they were not the ‘sunog-baga’ pulutan. yumyum!

We had 3 cases of beer upto 12midnight, I guess. So asa ang sayo muuli ana?

The party didn’t just end there.  I had no idea that the car’s heading to Times after the group craved for videoke. I forgot the name of the place where we continued our partey and that’s so sad. Mapromote na unta sila. haha. We had loads of beer again and I made another historical event of my life and that’s for you to find out.

oops. way rulugay beans!

oops. way tulugay beans!

All along, while the partey’s going on and everybody’s into it, I was so anxious about my Crisis Communication paper due 11:30 am. And I had  very few hours left for to do it. Dowit! Dowit!

We decided to go home at 4am. Ang saya, ayan tapos na. But I had one of the best joyrides of my life. naks. Ghost-hunting at Mintal cemetery, some sidetrips on streets I’ve never been to before, and the like.

I went home at around 5am and poof, a drunk guy writing for a crisis comm paper? haha.

I don’t know if the paper’s good. Basta naghimo ko. And that’s good, right? haha.

So my teacher was very clueless upon seeing me in school when she asked:

“Murag kapuy man kaayo ka dong?”

Gold: Sa paper yan maam!

Teacher: Aw, lisud jud diay no?

Beans: (nods)


Hay, if only. if only she knew what caused my super tired look earlier.



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