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Like any boring Sunday afternoon where Joan and Beans are as bored as the fish inside the aquarium (ay na..), we both decided to hang out at El Roi’s — boarding house near ours. Joan, that time just finished watching Love of Siam — giving me a hard time explaining into details some scenes in the movie.

The plan: to drink coke sakto and to have some puff while both of us were still not in the mood to take a bath. The boardinghouse also caters some foods for lunch and the like.

Super bored, we were just staring at whatever we see within our sight when suddenly, Joan interrupted our moment with the surrounding

“Panlalaki lagi kaayo ilang mga sud-an diri no?”

I laughed at what she said. She was serious, mind you! And Joan will always be serious with those kinds of questions.

“So naa nay gender ang sud-an karon Jo?”

I was still laughing when I asked that. And I asked her why she thought that way.

She seriously added… “tan-awa ra gud o, calderetang kanding, papaitan, balbacua…”

Bravo! Bravo!

Yes, those were for pulutan, ayt?

And I wouldn’t have to agree or disagree with her. After all, this is all about the birth of the FOODS’ GENDER. Thanks to my friend!

*So what foods are for girls, gays, and lesbians?*

joan and beans are starving!

joan and beans are starving!


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