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14 days to go..

i don’t know if watermelon and coffee for breakfast have something to do with this post. haha .seriously, i substituted bread with watermelon for coffee so maybe something’s happening inside my di-na-lang-ko-magtell tummy. lol.

but that’s not the point!  i just have to relate it to what i did earlier. another stupid thing.  bored, as always, i decided to have a general cleaning – saan? —-> sa email ko. haha. i didn’t realize, i would feel the same kadramahan as to what i felt when i fixed my things before i left my room sa boarding house. there were no tears, just a heavy heart. =(

anyway, i recovered three emails from the ‘past.’ there were three from that person! three private messages — way too sweet, enough words from a lover. hussshhh. cut!

kung bakit kasi ang high-tech na ng panahon. haha
kung bakit kasi ang high-tech na ng panahon. haha

after reading all three messages, i realized there was nothing to think about. didn’t care if those letters were sincere then or not. didn’t care if i could have those words again.

didn’t care.


but i didn’t delete any of the three. and that’s stupid.


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