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Birthday wish list!

Three days from now and it’s Christmas! It will be the usual Christmas for me, I guess. Noche buena, exchange of gifts, drinking session, and unlimited fun alike. But I have had enough fun since this month started.

Anyway, I won’t dwell much with this Christmas thing. I will be doing a more serious countdown — my birthday countdown. I only have 12 days left! How’s that?

If for Christmas, I wished for intangible things, I want material things for my birthday. Earth to my friends who will be able to read this post! 🙂

2010 Planner. Topping my list is a planner. I think I’ll badly need it next year. I think the OC-ness in me must come out. If I missed it during college, I’d try harder to be more organized and methodical especially entering into the real world.

G-Tech Pen (.4) and a composition notebook. After months of bumming, I have never scribbled again. I miss scribbling. I miss writing. These things may be very simple but they’ll mean a lot if i’ll have them on my birthday.

A pair of earrings (plus a small jewelry box). I am careless and I am never an OC, as said. I easily lose my earrings. I am using a low-quality stad at the moment and I want it replaced on my birthday. I want a small cross stad, to be specific. 🙂

A plain shirt from F&H. It’s cheap, I know. So any good heart who’d care to buy me one, I’d appreciate it bigtime! I left my F&H shirt in Cebu. I want a new one. 🙂

Board shorts. I am planning to hit more beaches and experience outdoor adventure next year. I will be glad to receive a new one, preferably blue or black. 🙂

So far, I’m only thinking of cheaper but must-receive gifts. But of course, you may send gifts other than the things I listed here. I’d also be thankful if you can give me chocolates, ashtray, lighter, etc. The element of surprise will always be a pleasure.

And the countdown continues.

Enjoy the holidays, folks!



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early bells

i remember receiving a pair of roller blades from santa claus when i was in grade 1. yes, it was number one in my wish list that time. i never had any idea of  ‘answered prayers’ before; all i knew was that, I had to write the christmas gift that i wanted and hope for santa’s kindness so that it may be granted.

until grade 5, i still believed in santa claus. had i not seen my mother wrapping the surprise gift for me, probably i am still making my materialistic wish lists up to now. but the picture didn’t change my desire to receive gifts every christmas. i still enjoy christmas and i still receive gifts from my parents.

i am now 20 but this season always brings out the child in me. i still hope for material things but could not write them all down on a piece of paper anymore. i cannot even hand that piece of paper to my parents because i am mindful that the santa claus could not be anybody else but me.

i am my own santa claus now. and along with this shift  are the changes in my desires for christmas. i believe some things are just worth listing and this time, i pray BIGTIME for them to happen.

1. the success of the alternative treatment of my adviser. i will always be one with you in your prayers for this, maam.

2. the reconciliation reunion of the BT! i know there will never be a complete attendance in a year’s time but i hope, at least, everybody will be humbled by the things we’ve been through for the past months.

3. a good job for me. 😀

now, you may bring down your eyebrow (i know the other one’s raised while reading the 3 wishes).

106870_000_joulupukki10 lb

all set for christmas!

for the past 19  christmas celebrations, much has been given to me. this year, i can only hope and pray so much. one thing’s for sure, i will be the happiest person if all these things take place on christmas… the best christmas will be mine.

merry christmas everyone! cheers!

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