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It was one of the boring nights we had in my then boarding house when Joan and I decided to go out and grab some beer to spend the whole night. We headed to datcom, UP Mindanao’s finest tambayan for the drunkards. Not a lot of Iskos and Iskas were there so we had real good time chugging rhum tea and a bucket of beer and sipping sticks of cigarettes. But unlike other drinkers who talk too much while taking a gulp, the laptop and the online thing we’re doing stopped us from talking to each other. And so there was ofpuffsandshots.wordpress.com — a product of drunkness on a boring night.

This is joan. And this is how we look like when we're drunk. 🙂

Insert: (Everybody) Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you!

Soiebeans: Thank you. Thank you.

Anyway, I want to be very retrospective in this post. I never thought of writing for an anniversary blogpost (after 75 entries for the past year), I tell you, so there will be much looking back and thanking important people that’s gonna happen in this post.

I am more than cognizant of the fact that this blog has been one of the witnesses to my life’s struggles and happiness. It has helped me become a good storyteller, an emotional lover, and a sentimental friend. I am listing down the relatively significant posts which will validate that indeed, this blog has become the real sponge of my emotions.

1. A Lover. breaking rules – 8 months and counting

2. Heartbroken. a lame excuse – the final countdown

3. Letting go. Blanking Over

4. Raged.
*The new talk of the town

5. Academic struggles. thesis it!

6. A ‘tripper.’
*babalik ako
*Till next time, Cebu!

7. A lover, again and again. twinkletoes.

8. A concerned citizen.
* i pray
* alert! alert!

9. A sentimental friend. at dahil pumasa ka ng AH5.

10. Kinky and naughty. SEMI-VIRGIN?

11. A happy kid. ADIEU 2009!

Of course, I cannot only recall the memorable posts I had without thanking the people who constantly visit my blog. Special thanks to Rea Gene, for being the top commenter. You inspired me to make a blog, in the first place. To Suckingbird and Jepoy, for always updating, for always asking the meat of the issues. To Anne Shane (Ansiyen) and Kathy Mar, for keeping an eye in this site. To the Barkadahang Tunay people, for surprising me with your knowledge about my posts. Anj, Jo, Gold, Elton, Ste, Krisha and Colin, thanks. To Ram, for thinking that this is a soft-porn site, thank you.To Bryan, the hardcore drinker, thanks for reading my posts. I will always salute your drinking prowess! To my two living idols in the blogging world, thank you for being an, ehem, inspiration, Bookie and Mandaya!

To my UPMindanao passers-by (and readers), George, Maan, Fritz, Teena, Ate Ling, Ate Malou, etcetera, thank you. To my high school classmates who tried to visit this site, thank you jampong! To the rest of the bloggers, special mention to Mark and PetiBurges , who spent a second to visit, skim, and drop a comment, I appreciate it, bigtime! To my anonymous readers who has kept my blogstats flying, thank you very much.

To the readers of my other blog who visited this site also, oha, marunong din akong mag-ingles. Kala nyo lang hindi. haha. Salamat pa rin sa inyo. 🙂

And to you, twinkletoes, I know you still read my blogs. If not, at least thank you for being my favorite subject in my blogposts. Thank you, mife! 😉

From the BOTTOM of my everything, THANK YOU!

Cheers to a wonderful blogging year! More years in the blogosphere with the pseudoblogger. Bottom’s up tayo jan! Balik-balik! 😉


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Birthday wish list!

Three days from now and it’s Christmas! It will be the usual Christmas for me, I guess. Noche buena, exchange of gifts, drinking session, and unlimited fun alike. But I have had enough fun since this month started.

Anyway, I won’t dwell much with this Christmas thing. I will be doing a more serious countdown — my birthday countdown. I only have 12 days left! How’s that?

If for Christmas, I wished for intangible things, I want material things for my birthday. Earth to my friends who will be able to read this post! 🙂

2010 Planner. Topping my list is a planner. I think I’ll badly need it next year. I think the OC-ness in me must come out. If I missed it during college, I’d try harder to be more organized and methodical especially entering into the real world.

G-Tech Pen (.4) and a composition notebook. After months of bumming, I have never scribbled again. I miss scribbling. I miss writing. These things may be very simple but they’ll mean a lot if i’ll have them on my birthday.

A pair of earrings (plus a small jewelry box). I am careless and I am never an OC, as said. I easily lose my earrings. I am using a low-quality stad at the moment and I want it replaced on my birthday. I want a small cross stad, to be specific. 🙂

A plain shirt from F&H. It’s cheap, I know. So any good heart who’d care to buy me one, I’d appreciate it bigtime! I left my F&H shirt in Cebu. I want a new one. 🙂

Board shorts. I am planning to hit more beaches and experience outdoor adventure next year. I will be glad to receive a new one, preferably blue or black. 🙂

So far, I’m only thinking of cheaper but must-receive gifts. But of course, you may send gifts other than the things I listed here. I’d also be thankful if you can give me chocolates, ashtray, lighter, etc. The element of surprise will always be a pleasure.

And the countdown continues.

Enjoy the holidays, folks!


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i am seriously doing(slash tweeting and plurking) the countdown before january 3, 2010 — my big day. this means, i have 33 days left before my birthday.

my hands led me to this site, where i got very interesting lines that made me more excited to turn 21. yes, i have to wait for that day for me to eventually change and better myself. 🙂

The 21st Birthday is a significant milestone in a person’s life as it legally recognizes a person’s entry into adulthood. It brings with it a world of new responsibilities and duties. It is an age when we bid adieu to our adolescence and welcome the life of adults.

another thing pressures me upon turning 21 and it’s this line from another site: ‘because by the age of 21 everyone becomes aware of good music.’
how can i learn this? help the music moron! haha.

i am excited. period. but i don’t know yet what to do and who to invite on my birthday. because i am over histrionic friendly, i can just imagine how crowded my birthday party might become if i invite all my friends. i’d talk to my momma and poppa about this, don’t worry friends. 😉

i hope i am mentally mature by january 4 next year. 🙂

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