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I’ve been away for almost a month. A friend asked me to write about the details regarding my absence. I told her it’s rated PG and today is not yet my final comeback! Seriously, what she asked me to do made me ponder on the things i did for the past month. I was out mainly for three things: to make friends, to be a boyfriend, to have fun!

no, i'm not in Saudi Arabia right now.

With the very short span of time, I never thought I’d meet lots of good people from all walks of life. I met a former financial analyst from BDO, a former nurse in Makati Medical Center, a former crew in HardRock Cafe in Hollywood, a former Japan entertainer, a former product specialist in Makati, and more formers. And now we’re all under a single umbrella. So when they asked me ‘what about you?,’ my answer would always be ‘i am a former houseboy, a former blog-rat.’ I didn’t know we all would make perfect gang. Lately, going home at 3 or 4am is not an issue anymore since Mr. HardRock Cafe drives us home every night outs. That assurance means getting it’s ok to get too drunk, more puking moments and more parteyyys.

Second, I am a boyfriend again! Cheers. Last Thursday was our first monthsary so we went out to eat somewhere. Then we chilled with friends and drank till 3am. The best part will always be the after-party, you know why. My partner is a reader so I won’t dig into details. PM me if you want details. Weh.

Finally, everything’s fun for the past month. Meet-ups with a lot of friends — my BT friends at Zabadani, Suckingbird Keller and Hellen Keller at Pacific Harbor, Ron and Hapi at what-have-you, other college friends at my place, and… i get tired thinking about the hangovers. More to these, I also eat a lot lately. Now it’s more than thrice a day, Gawd!

the girls of BT, still the same.

I surely missed a lot of things though. I missed blogging. I missed unlimited rice back home. I missed SHOWTIME. I missed stalking. I missed oversleeping. And counting.

This is not my final comeback. I just blogged to update. I still have days to come to make more friends, to be a good boyfriend, and to have more fun. πŸ˜‰

Have a blessed holy week, everyone!


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Hotdog Fever!

Hello March!

It’s been a long time (and i mean loooong) since I last logged in my accounts including this. I am missing a lot of people, a lot of routines, and what have you.

This blog won’t take long. This is only sort of saying ‘I’m alive!’ Or so I think. More than bitching out, I am seriously busy with a lot of things. Talk about money. Talk about love. Talk about friends. Talk about beers and yosi. Talk about 4-5 meals a day. Talk about prepositions.

I’ll catch up with all of you soon. I’ll be a blog-rat again. Promise! πŸ˜‰

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To start the year right, you need a good sex. Kidding.

It’s been days since the year started. So far, the year’s commencing real good, bigtime! This year’s a big ‘rawr’ as I started it with unending parteys, my birthday included, and other sidetrips in GenSan and Koronadal. Good thing I have friends who extended their vacations. But they’re all back to Manila, Cebu, Davao, and the Yoyi Land now so am officially ending my holidays today!

Anyway, the best thing I need to do now is set my plans for this year. I wish to accomplish everything before the year ends.

1. Real job. I need to be hired asap. I can’t stay a brat all throughout this year. But as Ron said, ‘Pano ka makatrabaho kung wala ka gapangapply?‘ Perfect!

2. Continue schooling. Next semester, I hope to enroll for my Masters’ Degree. And no, I am not taking up law. I will never be a good lawyer. I want Development Communication.

3. A visit to Cebu. Yes, I made a promise to a friend that I will be back there and enjoy Cebu’s night life again! Soon but not too soon. πŸ™‚

4. Trip to Manila with Ron for the 2010 UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Early last year, we really planned to hit Manila for the said event. It’s an agreement. πŸ™‚

5. More parteyys. Yes, I still look forward to experiencing Davao’s friday and saturday nights, though not as often as I used to do during college days. Will also hit Gensan and Koronadal again as the party zones there are unbelievably evolving.

6. My graduation. Need I say more?

I hope to have all the resources to successfully accomplish everything listed here. And I will be tagging my friends to join me as I make this year a memorable one. This will be a good year, I know. πŸ˜‰

BTW, this song became the mood-setter for this year. Enjoy!

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i have ten valid reasons to go back and enjoy cebu… again!

1. rea and kris john are both in cebu. they are two of the best people in my life. they will surely be a family to me every time i’m in cebu.

with kris john and rea @ one mango avenue

2. i love the malls. it’s not too small, it’s not too big yet i still get lost. haha. but really, i love spending the night in ayala. lights are playful and people are edible. :p

with the gang @ bistro ecila, ayala

3. the smoking thing was one of the best experiences i had in cebu. i still ask my friends from time to time if it’s safe to smoke here and there and they’d just tell me, “wala ka sa davao, cebu ni! bisag asa pwede.” whoa, imagine how that thing made my stay worth-smoking. haha

because yow makes the coffee experience perfect!

4. we’ve been to different food establishments for food trips — from vibe’s, casa verde, UP Cebu food courts, up to the barbecues and puso of consolacion. and the foods make me long to go back to cebu more and more.

this is rai's, actually. i love shrimps!

5. i cannot afford to go back to davao and poland without experiencing cebu’s nightlife. after all, it’s what i wanted to experience many many many years ago. good enough, i spent two nights-till-dawn in MANGO (need not dwell on its target market. haha). it’s really p-a-r-t-e-y-y-y-y. you dance; they dance and then you realize you’re dancing with someone you just met a while ago.

@ doce. and everybody in cebu knows who dances in doce. haha. i puked before this photo was taken. i got superdrunk.

6. i just love the night-people in cebu! they make me hungry. haha. kidding aside, i really think cebuanos are warm. what’s more weird is that, everybody does the beso thing regardless of gender. promise, it almost shocked me. (mas masaya kasi minsan, hindi na talaga beso yung ginagawa. aylaykk!)

promise i just met them that night and they've been very friendly.

i'd like to give the mr. congeneality award to mr. aj andrada! πŸ˜‰

7. one more thing, i had my own share of ‘spiritual’ time in cebu despite the worldly things i did there. thanks to the Sto. Nino Church for being the venue for me to do so.



need i say more?

9. and you are right! i can be me when i am in cebu. i always say this when i feel like being histrionic there, “ngano, nakaila sila sa ako?” i know, whatdefuckingalien much.

yes, i did not care even if the caretaker of the taoist temple scolded me. after all, i won't see him after that hour.

10. i need to go back there when my future employer calls me anytime soon. exciting, eh?

@ mactan international airport. i shall step and sit on that couch again. very soon. πŸ™‚

i don’t have an american dream. i don’t have a utopian dream. i only want cebu for now! πŸ˜‰

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kuya’s status update

dear readers,

i am vince’s younger sister. this won’t take long. i’ll just tell you how bum he has been lately.


two years ago. my kuya would like us to believe he was a geek in school. naat!

everytime i wake up for school, he’s still asleep. our momma told me not to wake him up (as i always try to remove his blanket and play with his nose) because she knows my kuya sleeps at 3am every mornight. yes, he’s been super addicted to some online stuff. i have been asking him to help me create an account in facebook but he doesn’t allow me because of some nasty applications in the said site.

anyway, i leave for school everyday at 7:30 and my parents leave for work before 8am. but he’s still having a good time dreaming about you-know-what during unholy hours. so the morning set-up with him always starts by leaving him some food in the table for his breakfast.

my classes usually end at 10 and everytime i come back home, he’s already infront of the pc (since his laptop is still sick), and his food for breakfast is still untouched. when he gets too bored online, he turns off the pc and then eats his breakfast at 11. now i’m confused what’s breakfast for! lol.

i do not expect him to play with me after school. he has his cellphone, his pc, and his own world. and i so understand it.. like 17 years gap is enough explanation. duh.

before i sleep in the afternoon, he turns on again the pc and starts that online thing that only him understands… ever! πŸ™‚

i think, facebook and bloghopping consume my kuya so much. and while the family’s engaged with santino’s stupid show, he seems exaggeratedly attached to his chatmates in fb and ym.

is there anything wrong with my kuya? or it’s just pretty normal for a bum? haha.

right now, i want my kuya find a job asap. it’s the only answer to his boring lifestyle. i know he wants to puff and drink and parteyy all night but he just can’t because he’s home.

i think this is too much for a ‘this won’t take long’ thing.

i just turned 4 anyway. :D

in the name of brattiness,

dj *wink*

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earlier this afternoon, i applied for a job in a university in GenSan. obviously, i hope to teach there next semester. i got a call 3 hours after i submitted my application letter and was scheduled for an interview tomorrow morning.



you read it right. i can have a ‘real job’ now. finally, i am over my college years. *confetti*

and yeah, what better way to treat myself after a hellish semester loaded with thesis, photography class, analysis of Rizal’s works, researches in anthropology, etcetera?


thanks to biboy for inviting me to a stress-free night. for the sake of this blog, i’m using his nickname since i don’t want him get famous. magiging feeler lang. :p

the night of first times, i’d like to call it. and because the night was worth-sharing (vaguely), here are some tips i’d like to share for a totally stress-free night:

1. before going to the beach, you may chug beers first at piyesta ktv and restobar.

piyesta --- where people get overdressed!

piyesta --- where people get overdressed!

2. when you go for an outing, be firm with your decisions. don’t be fickle-minded, at least for that moment. decide when you have to decide what to eat. after all, the driver gets tired too though he would expectedly say he’s ok. *laughs*

3. if you can’t decide what to eat for the rest of the night, here are some best buys in gensan: chips, san miglight and gilbeys premium at a convenience store along osmena st., take-out any meal from jollibee (preferrably chickenjoy for breakfast. make sure you secure the change after paying. :P), water and yosi at a convenience store near YBL terminal.

parang ipamimigay lang sa victims ng ondoy

parang ipamimigay lang sa victims ng ondoy

4. When you have all that, you’re sure to have a food-full and beer-full night. but wait, the tent should be set-up. and it helps when you’re with a boy scout. πŸ™‚

this is the tent. biboy did most of the setting-up. :p

this is the tent. biboy did most of the setting-up. :p

5. when you’re stepping on the sand already, make sure to take off your shoes. wear flip flops or get barefooted! then sit. relax. wear comfy shorts and shirt. don’t change clothes from time to time either especially if you don’t do the laundry. haha.

ang itim na flip flops at ang inuming hindi naman talaga nakakalasing.

ang itim na flip flops at ang inuming hindi naman talaga nakakalasing.

6. look for eye-candies. look around you. who knows they might be on the same page as you are. (and you don’t need to decipher this thing.)

7. you do the talking… big time! share. laugh. stare. puff! yes, sip and puff! it keeps the night warm. eat apple. but don’t imagine you’re eating an apple from manila. :p

hanapin ang apple from manila!

hanapin ang apple from manila!

8. when you see the day coming, maybe it’s a good idea to sleep. yes, there’s a reason it’s called night swimming. you have to keep yourself awake at night. and when the dawn breaks, have yourself laid inside the tent.

9. WHEN YOU’RE ABOUT TO SLEEP, PLEASE DO SLEEP! don’t do the things you do outside of the tent. REST! :p

10. another reason it’s called night swimming is that you only have to stay there the whole night and a quarter of the first hours of the day. so even if you don’t get yourself enough sleep, you wake up and fix the tent. again, leave the job to the boy scout.

11. swim! have fun in the water. after all, you’re supposed to unload the stress. the best way to do it is leave the problems in the water. let the fishes carry them.

12. eat breakfast. then,Β  reset your mindΒ  — the real world is waiting as soon as you step out of the resort. yes. harsh but true. there are a lot of things we have to deal with in the outside world.

but at least, at some point, you made the right choice to unwind, unload, and relax. let the sea, the sand, and the tent remain the witnesses…

of the stories shared.

of the beers drank.

of the cigarette butts thrown.

of the laughters.

of the priceless moments…



bang! bang!

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the boyfriend

everybody knows i’m a night person. in fact, that is one (if not the only) of the reasons that brought me to the downtown area of davao (not to mention an hour of traffic and pollution everyday to school and vice versa). like any ordinary 20-year-old-doomed-with-a-boring-life, i would always want to go out on a friday or saturday (or any) night as long as the company’s good.

so was last sunday’s dawn.


i was invited by a friend (around 2am) to a relatively new bar somewhere downtown. excitement was so-so. syempre mejo may idea na ako what to expect sa place. but i’ll keep the anonimity of the place for personal reasons.

so we were there — the three of us. one is simeon, the other is eli. simeon invited, eli was just also invited but the three of us are friends in school. :p

eli seemed uncomftable while we were sitting on a couch near the dancefloor. well he immediately admitted may iniiwasan daw sya. so he asked me to pretend to be his boyfriend para daw hindi makalapit. tama ba yun?? sige na nga lang. kawawa naman sya. para syang batang napagalitan ng nanay dahil nabasag ang vase — if only you saw him live. *laughs*

fast forward to 4am.

until one schoolmate came. with him is another guy who looked so di-na-lang-ko-magtell. more beers were dropped on the table. and because i refused to drink that time, somebody from theΒ  so many people na nakikijoin sa aming crowd said, “yeah, the casual nerd.” ampota, paki nya diba?


so mga 5am na nun. mejo maliwanag na and all. mr. schoolmate, siguro hindi na napigilan, asked eli: “kayo ba ni vince?”

i didn’t know too well how to react. pero parang may demonyo ata na sumapi kay eli at sinabi nyang.. “no! pero soon to be… later to be.”

“you look good together,” with a smile pa yun nung sinabi ni mr. schoolmate.

and so we thought it was all that. hindi pala.

“he’s my boyfriend!” dagdag niya, sabay turo sa guy na di-na-lang-ko-magtell.

i would love to tell him that time how we knew so well about it. good thing naconfirm nya. lalaki nga talaga ang gusto ni schoolmate. at nagtawanan ang mga mata ni simeon, eli at vince.

ayun na, eli dragged me away from the place sabay sabing “we have to go now!”

sabi naman ni mr. schoolmate, “you two, be safe.”

and we really were safe then. naghanap lang naman kami ng noodles e. beef sa kanya, chicken for me. haha.

regarding simeon, yeah, he was there and he had his own business. pero sumunod din sya. beef din gusto nya. oha..

halos everyday ko pa rin nakikita si simeon, eli at mr. schoolmate sa school. feeling close na kaming lahat. wala akong paki. lalo na kayo, diba?

this is mr. schoolmate. may bf na sya. :p

this is mr. schoolmate. may bf na sya. :p

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