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Shoo stress away, loves!

‘Geng, Edmee is in the icu. :(‘

‘Multiple stroke.’

These were the sms I received from a friend when I was on my way home from the South. Actually, I don’t know Edmee. I know she’s a friend of a friend. And I know how she looks like through pictures, mostly in the resto or somewhere with food. But beyond that, I know she is a smart kid, a CPA for that matter, who holds a high position in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas at 28.

And the last sentence makes the whole story a lot sadder, right?

Her condition wasn’t actually hereditary, as the diagnosis showed. There are inferences though. But I’m leaning more on the fact that she has been too overworked and she doesn’t have enough outlets to, perhaps, unload her daily stress.

In other, but still related, part of of this story, I just finished printing another cover letter for the job I am eyeing to get pretty soon. Last night, I was sharing this with a college colleague as we both work in the same company now but we’re in two different branches. She’s planning to leave to. The catch, she wants a more challenging job, I want a less stressful one.

That common UP survivors’ thought stressing not to settle in any government agencies or offices as workplace as it will (surely) catalyze the corrosion of your brain cells is what she holds true until now. Well there’s a validity in it but I don’t care thus I finished printing the letter.

My work as an Account Analyst for the Marketing and Enforcement Division of Pag-IBIG Fund is all that I’m dreaming of until I retire. I mean it. Now, I’m still enjoying everything that I am entailed to do within the 8-hour shift. I am even getting compliments from my officemates everytime they say, ‘Hindi umubra ang daan-daang clients sa’yo ah. Maghapon mong kaharap ang mga tao pero bakit parang wala lang nangyari?’ Mind you, they say that as I shut down my computer. Lels. But because of some circumstance, I have to soon leave the job.

That has always been my principle at work. Find the job that you want. Enjoy everyday doing what your job requires you to do. After all, hard work is not the secret to success. Success is based on your mindset. I might have a relatively difficult job, as per officemates, but hey, I love this that’s why it couldn’t be any easier than it appears to me.

The job I’m ardently wanting now is actually less complicated. I will forever keep the mindset with me so I can do good during the interview.

I hope Edmee wakes up soon. I hope I get the job.




*Seriously, i have transitional-phrases issue, I know.


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I have never been an avid fan of movies. That’s a given fact. I don’t remember names, setting, directors, stuff alike. I just watch and laugh when everybody does.

Three weeks ago, I was invited to watch The Hunger Games (HG) when a friend got grumpy after his friends had HG on the big screen a day ahead of him. He was left with no choice so I just volunteered to go with him even if he knows I’m a bore in the cinemas.


The movie had me in awe. I went back home telling my mom how good it was. I reported back to work with the same story in my pocket for my officemates.

Just hours ago, I was asked (yes, asked!) to watch Battle Royale (BR) by the same friend with the initial warning that I’d be watching the same plot as that of HG. 2am and I was patiently watching the killing scenes, more morbid and more fearless than HG. I’m not dwelling into everything that transpired between the two movies. Spare me, I’m a bad storyteller when it comes to movies. :p


I was, at some point, frustrated upon closing the laptop thinking that Suzanne Collins (author of HG) got the entire idea of the story from BR. That’s of course, after she negated the notion with her released statement that the story of HG was a biproduct of switching channels using the remote control. Duh.

I wish I had not seen BR. The relatively sublime feeling I had with HG went down as I learned it ‘could-have-been’ just another alteration of the movie, BR. The two movies can not be co-incidental. No way. See how these two characters from both movies appear to have the same role.




In other news, it’s been  months since the last drama. I’m not into telling more dramas today because it will only make me look down to myself more and nobody can make me feel inferior now without my consent, sabeh! haha. Pero kuan oy. Nevermind.

And three long months after the recent vehicular accident I had, I was able to drive again. This time, more wary but with an expired license.

Long weekend’s over. I need to be excited for work. Ugh.

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Yow helow!

A calls. 

(Phone rings)

A: Hello?

X: Yes?

A: Ahh, (then starts blabbing).

…yada, yada, yada!

… hello? ok, I’m a bore.

(Dead air on the other line.)

(Drops call)


 F calls.

(Phone rings [once])

A: Hey! Hello! (Can you feel how ecstatic the actual way of saying is?)

F: Yada, yada, yada.

A: (Laughs. Giggles.) Yada, yada, yada.

(Conversation gets longer)



A: Ok, bye.

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Hello mic test!

Three years after, and we're all the same.

A friend allows you distance but is never far away.

The number of times I change partners is equally the same number of times these girls say, ‘I knew it.’ And they mean it because these girls have seen my soul and… yes, heart. Haha!

The picture on the left was taken back in our senior year in college where everything we knew were smoking, drinking and vice versa. 3 years after, we decided to all meet in Cebu thus, this picture taken. Rai, in printed white, is now a lead trainer in Cebu Aegis People Support and is a happy mom and wife to her family. Joan, in maroon, said she loves being a tambay but bet she still works for Sirius in Stream Global. Of course, her toned boyfriend maintains her for God-knows-how-long now. Gold, in green bolero, works in Dubai as a bank secretary and earns as much as her seaman boyfriend does.

Things have changed a lot but the way we get drunk never did. Guess nobody will die a virgin now. Loooool!

I hope 3 years from now, one of them writes something  like: Beans is now super rich and is a happy father. Yey!


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Blah-Blah, 2011!

2011 has been a very long road trip. Encounters. Minor accidents. Giving way. Detours. U-turns. Smooth road. Humps. Humps. Humps.

But before I get to another blind curve, it surely feels good to have a retrospective look at the rear view mirror for the twists and turns I had on a 12-month drive.

1st stop: The end of the callboy experience

My best team. Team Lyra. I miss youuuuu so much!

Some of the real friends I found in Suth. I know you all miss me. Haha!

I was reading my 2010 year-end post where I wrote,   ‘But I admit I need to leave the job soon to find what’s best for me.’ Indeed, I left before the last quarter of the month. But I am happiest with my then job. Graveyard. Vices. Good pay. Parties. Everything. It was even tough leaving the company because of the people I enjoyed working with. But I had to and I know I made the right choice.

2nd stop: Back-to-school

Hello graduate school! I didn’t want to but I have to. I need to make the most out of my idle days. But I’m enjoying, except that statistics is still there and the feeling is still mutual, we both bore each other.

3rd stop: On-the-spot trips

At Blue Jazz. Because we're just crazy like that!

We always get hyped on water, eh? Haha! Pools and beaches are the best escapes from the stressful work environment and the above pic is certainly one of the best.

4th stop: New gang

Meet the porn stars, beybeh!

Did you notice I always introduce new set of friends every year-end post? Haha! Alas! I have new friends this year again. The best people to eat with, to watch movie with, to act diva with.

5th stop: Big Joe


How do I say this with much subtlety?  Well I promised to name names and Axe, you are one of the many friends I have that I will always be thankful for. And I guess, most of the days this year, we were together. Boardmates. 😀 Thank you for being the best person to cry on, for laughing even at my worst jokes, for spoiling me with your recipes. For the record, I am happy with the new path you’re taking, your lovelife, your career and everything you’ve been enjoying lately. I can only hope for the best for you. Cheers!

6th stop: The beejayentee drama

meet my co-histrionic friend.

sometimes we look semi-humans.

I’m making this the highlight of the year. Perhaps, everything changed because of this person. My friends say I’ve changed. Made me quit smoking, made me act weird, made me eat my pride, made me carbonara (HAHA!). Anyhoe, meet NT. And he brought drama drastically to my life. But he’s more than that. He is a bestfriend, an older sib and younger sib at the same time, a teacher, a disciplinarian, a hero and the best sleeping buddy. Haha! Thank you, NT, for bringing me to a new and different side of the world (Blah blah. Whatever they think of this line). I look forward to a new year of adventure with you.

7th stop: I’m back to the real world

YES! Before the year ends, I am proud to say I am back to the corporate world. New challenge. New environment. Thank you, pag-ibig.

This has been a good year, I must say. I’ve had enough taste of good career, happy family, and interesting affairs (be it decent or otherwise. HAHA!). And I guess, this is the right time for me to express how grateful I am to everybody who became a part of my year’s journey. Thank you, friends and lovers. 

Come 2012, I know better things await my way. I’m excited. That orgasmic feeling. Yes. Orgasmic.

Thank you, 2011! Welcome and give us a bang, 2012!

p.s.: This year gave me the first car accident experience. Just earlier, I accidentally bumped the back part of the car infront of me while maneuvering my way to the exit. Thank you, NT, for saving me from that trouble.

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Ignorant people think it is the noise which

fighting catsmake that is so aggravating, but it ain’t so;

it is the sickening grammar that they use. 

~Mark Twain

Please. If you see me post something about grammar in any of my networking sites, don’t think it’s you. It’s not you. It’s not any of my real friends. Why? Because I tell straight to my friends when they start talking MARTIAN! Yes, I don’t want friends who use is instead of are when the subject is plural. Good thing some of them are just too receptive to my constructive remarks.

This is not to brag that I am a communications graduate from a good University. This is not for you to think I mastered everything because I don’t, I never did, I never will. My college friends will agree with me that we never had grammar lessons during our years in UP. We had application, yes, but not the basic English 1 you had back in your schools. The point here is, grammar is taught (and optionally learned) back when we were still 7 or 8. Our early years in elementary started introducing us to basic subject-verb agreement and other rules of grammar.


Don’t get me wrong if I say ‘can you use this instead of these?‘ or ‘can you remove the apostrophe in VL’s because it doesn’t possess anything?’ I correct when things become too obvious to be wrong… And I don’t do it to humiliate you. I do it so you will learn. KUHA MO?

What pisses me is when posers in facebook and twitter try too hard to use the language when they can express themselves better in their native tongue. Hell-err? You rant. You cuss. And suddenly… ‘shut up cause your words is never blablabla.’ WORDS IS? What happened to your thesis before you graduate then? Or did you make one?




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O-la-la Lola!

It’s granny’s 70th! Teneneneng-teneng!

make-up session before the party starts

a birthday's never complete without a cake and candles to blow. BLOOOOW!

lechoooon is love.

and we all wore the same shirts, bida sya syempre.

the sisters with their mother. my momma's in white.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lola! Alam ko ako ang paborito mong apo! Don’t worry, ikaw din ang paborito kong lola. Pera ulit! 😛 I lololololooove you!

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