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I wanted to write about total randomness.



My birthday bash.

Converting to open relationship.

Tagalog-ing as a must.

Love as a business.

Self-respect vs pride.

Food and friends.

Morning frustration.


But I can’t.

3 stitches on my face plus a broken right arm. How's that? T_T

I’m too sick to pour these thoughts to an article. Maybe after I finally recover from the recent vehicular accident I encountered. Way to go, though. 😦


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Hello hello! How’s the year so far?

Mine wasn’t too different from the previous years at all. Same routines, only different people, different places, different whatever.

This must be something I'm posting next year! Chos!

1. New year at home. No new person. Only tanduay-ice added on the table.

2. Birthday celeb was incidentally a surprise as well. Imagine? Haha! Same thought of surprise, only different partner this time. Haha! But this year had my family included and that’s a plus.

3. Still working after the holidays, this time, in a new company. And I’m loving it there.

4. Birthday blast at home just last night. Wait. This must be the exception to the rule. I wasn’t able to go home last year.

5. School? Boring school. Wait again. Let this be the 2nd and the last exception. Hahaha!

6. Lovelife. And I want to dwell on this. Same level of affair but with a newer perspective on it this time. More open, cooler, calmer, and whatever. Whatever, this time! Haha! Hey hey! I’m a changed person on this aspect and I’m super embracing this attitude, moving forward. We’ll see if this works better  for me.

Anyway, if anybody sees me mall-ratting and notices I’m not using the escalator at all, it’s because I’m not comfortable with my shoes. Hahahaha!

Great days ahead of us, everyone! 😀

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