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Who holds the key?

Sanguine ka man actually pero you’re leaning towards a personality na makontento na lang kung unsa naa. Simple lang kung mangandoy pero I still believe na there’s a fire in you pud. Mura ka’g doll na de susi. Gahulat lang susian para mulihok.


(Spare me. Don’t ask for any english translation of the above statement. This isn’t Miss U.)

Because when we talk, everything makes sense.

And that a listening ear and an open heart are what it takes to make someone move. 🙂

Sometimes, it pays to have someone who makes you feel there’s more to life than settling to what it actually offers you. I can do better once my turn knocks. I just need a push. And my friend just did it.


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Hey, it’s the 3rd of the month!

I am munching over a piece of cupcake as I write this. No. Not the ordinary cupcake, you said. You bragged about getting a piece of it for a hundred or so. But it’s expensively satisfying.

Today is our first monthsary. 3rd of October.  No. Today is actually the 4th. But we decided to pre-set our minds that today is the 3rd and it’s final, you said. Yes. We moved the date. We shuffled them. It’s true. Love can move dates, said a friend. For all the possible reasons you think, we only have one for doing this. We want to be together on this day.

I had to wait for my partner's arrival earlier after a week's vacay in bora and manila. Thus, making today the 3rd of october

I don’t think I need to write an entry about monthsaries. But I felt the need to blab something about today since everything went weird. Not the usual. Not the ideal. Unplanned. Now that’s the term there, unplanned.

Maybe we were too dependent with our come-what-may-what-abt-this-or-that attitude.

Or maybe my partner isn’t just the typical hello-babe-let’s-have-dinner-somewhere.

Or maybe I should stop being too dramatic about monthsaries. Eh?

Or maybe I swallowed something. Ahh, my tongue.

And/or maybe, it’s time to move on with the typical idea of monthsary what-have-yous.

I’m happy though regardless of what happened earlier. No dinner date. No movie for the both of us only (we were with friends earlier anyway). No sex longer quality time.

I saw you smile. You held my hand while driving. We talked a little. We laughed bigtime.

That made everything special. I am no longer the kid who longs for monthsary dinners. I’ve changed. I can make every 3rd of the month extra special by doing something unusual. Moving the date’s just the start.

I’m loved. I’m in-love. That’s what matters most.

And I swear, this ‘odd’ day will be remembered forever. 🙂


Thank you for the sweets. Sonja's chocolate overload (but deformed) cupcake is the best. Royce Chocolates are BESTEST!


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