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Gunshots no more

Remember, if you smoke after sex you’re doing it too fast.

-Woody Allen

I could vividly recall how I tried to keep every stick of cigarette from my college roommate’s eyes then. It gives me goosebumps every time I recall sneaking out from the house at 12 midnight to light a stick when everybody in the house is already sound asleep. Years back, my classmates during our senior year complain a lot at how I diffuse the smell of a lit cigar in an airconditioned room.

I smoked.  It started with 1 stick. The next day it’s 2. Then it’s 3. Until a pack of 20’s a day. It started with lights. Explored Gudang. Tried Dunhill Frost (and liked it so much). Sipped Capri. Puffed on a Black Bat’s smoke. Threw Black Devil’s cigarette butt. But everything lasted with Red.

As I write this, I want to press Ctrl + A, delete and then run to the nearest store to get one stick. But no. There are a number of times where I stood by my decision, proving I can do this even without having somebody else’s support. Many shot glasses passed by me without clipping a stick in between. I have had morning and evening coffee without its bestfriend, the smoke. And you’re anticipating it right, no smoke after sex.

But more than anything else, I want to share how this decision was made. I had 4 partners (too few, eh?), almost all not wanting me to smoke except for 1 who is a heavier smoker than me. I have had a number of attempts at putting an end to this guilty pleasure by convincing myself that I don’t like smoking at all. Unfortunately, I ended up not believing myself. Then came this God-knows-who someone. Yes, my partner. And after convincing me to stop smoking, I did. No further argument. No counter-attack. Simply making love work at its finest.

Ofpuffsandshots. There’s no point changing the name of this blog. This is still the blog that tells all about my guilty pleasures. The puffs. The shots. And more stories of being drunk, getting into fights, trying some weird posish.

p.s.: Woody Allen was right. When you don’t smoke, you don’t need to speed things up while on bed.


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Of changes and chocolates

Been typing, deleting, typing, pressing backspace, until totally shutting down the computer. For the past weeks, I have been so careful with my posts, my status messages in facebook, my tweets… everything that I used to do when I was still a social-networking-rat! The reason? I’m into an attempt to make a change. Haha!

Anyway, this blog always includes some catching-up about me though I know nobody cares. But I’ll blurt things out and my whereabouts for the days between the previous post and this. No need to freak out, there are just three major things I want to share.

1. I resigned from my first job. Yes, after 1 year and 6 months as a callboy, I finally decided to look for a job that is in harmony with my career goals. Eh? So after resigning, I left Davao (after a 6-year stay) and moved back to my hometown, Poland. I turned my back from the city lights, the busy roads, the traffic, the freedom, the parties, the coffee shops, the malls and restaurants, the real lovely friends. Now, things have changed. Been saving for school next sem, been sleeping during normal hours, been eating my favorite food, been enjoying life minus noise.

2. I QUIT SMOKING! I remember my thesis adviser told me this when we were cramming for my analytical framework: Dong, kanang yosi, inom ug laag, i-enjoy jud na habang bata pa. Pero pag 25 na ka, undangi na na tanan kay di na maayo. And now I’m 22. Too early to quit but I am more than decided to do this! Lately, drinking coffee needs no stick. Meals don’t need sticks after. Doing number 2 doesn’t require a stick. Drinking is fine without stick. And, after sex is better without a stick. This is sacrifice. This is commitment.

3. I am in-love, to the nth. And I know you will read this one of these days. The box of chocolates. Suntok sa buwan. The detractors. And the upcoming 1-day Cebu tour which excites us both, not because of the activities that await us there, but because we certainly are uncertain about what’s gonna happen there. (ang giluod, hikog!)

There are many things to look forward to. No turning back this time. All eyes set to what the future has for me.



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