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Ignorant people think it is the noise which

fighting catsmake that is so aggravating, but it ain’t so;

it is the sickening grammar that they use. 

~Mark Twain

Please. If you see me post something about grammar in any of my networking sites, don’t think it’s you. It’s not you. It’s not any of my real friends. Why? Because I tell straight to my friends when they start talking MARTIAN! Yes, I don’t want friends who use is instead of are when the subject is plural. Good thing some of them are just too receptive to my constructive remarks.

This is not to brag that I am a communications graduate from a good University. This is not for you to think I mastered everything because I don’t, I never did, I never will. My college friends will agree with me that we never had grammar lessons during our years in UP. We had application, yes, but not the basic English 1 you had back in your schools. The point here is, grammar is taught (and optionally learned) back when we were still 7 or 8. Our early years in elementary started introducing us to basic subject-verb agreement and other rules of grammar.


Don’t get me wrong if I say ‘can you use this instead of these?‘ or ‘can you remove the apostrophe in VL’s because it doesn’t possess anything?’ I correct when things become too obvious to be wrong… And I don’t do it to humiliate you. I do it so you will learn. KUHA MO?

What pisses me is when posers in facebook and twitter try too hard to use the language when they can express themselves better in their native tongue. Hell-err? You rant. You cuss. And suddenly… ‘shut up cause your words is never blablabla.’ WORDS IS? What happened to your thesis before you graduate then? Or did you make one?





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Money Talk

I was at the back seat of the Mintal-bound jeepney when the 12-noon flipped my clayed-hair.

Weather was good, mood was so-so, appearance was totally haggard. Haha. Nevertheless, the idea of coming back to UP Mindanao made me excited more than ever.


Everything about the 1 hour ride was plainly nostalgic. I confidently smiled as I knew nobody would notice me. I looked out and remembered the places I almost memorized before due to everyday travel to school.

Then suddenly, I realized, I am more than a grown up. I am the guy I wanted to be when I was in grade 3 (or grade 2) — someone who brings bills in his wallet, someone who can have sex as much as he wants, someone who goes out without asking permission from his parents, someone who gets freedom bigtime! Everything was exactly the picture I longed to have. You know how boxed a grade-3’s mind is. Duh.

I remember going to school with enough orange paper bills and some coins in my pocket. If I spend too much in school, I will surely end up walking miles back to my pad somewhere downtown. My money was just for possible photocopies, yosi and candy. No more, no less. And earlier, as I went back to my then 2nd home, I couldn’t help but smile thinking that I have blue bills with me. Finally! That even if I spend too much inside Malou’s or Ling’s stores, I still can afford to go home. Cheap thrills. Happiness lang! 😀

But this is not too ideal as it appears to be. First, I hate counting the bills in my wallet simply because, I hate the idea of losing at least some of them. Haha. Second, when we earn more, we want more. Third, problems. Problems and so on.

As I ended this day, I was trapped in my room counting how much I spent for the first half of the day. Then I started.

– 1,200Php for the passport processing.

– 2,400Php for my boarding house.

– 200Php for my toiletries.

Yes, I dispensed them. Yes, dawat-dawat! Yes, those were just rough estimates. Yes, there were other expenses than that.

It has been more than a year of earning more than the basic pay (actually). But I never learned how to use them. Short-eyed. No plans. No everything. Until today. I guess, it’s never too late to do something about my negative habits. And here’s how I’ll do it.

1. I’ll cut down my drinking habits.

2. I’ll eat only when I need to and not because I’m fascinated with the colors of the food.

3. I’ll lessen texting/calling to other networks so I wont have skyrocketing phone bills at the end of the month.

4. I’ll walk from office to my boarding house.

5. I’ll pray about these endeavors. Delayed gratification, that is! 😉

Things seem to move faster than the usual. Tomorrow, the next day, soon, sooner… I’ll find myself with a bigger smile, I guess, as I go back to UP Mindanao.


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