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Strangers, again.

Let this video speak for this post.

If life separates us, and tomorrow we will be in different places, remember I will always be thankful about the days I had with you. I hope you do the same.

I hope every stage is about chasing.


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The Anonymous Letter-sender

Dear Beans,

I can still remember how you dream, along with your college friends, to become a part of the corporate world. You imagined wearing coat and tie, the black leather shoes, as you come out from a tinted 2-door car.

But those were all dreams. And what took you too long to reach them?

For more than a year, you enjoy taking in calls. Oh no! You enjoy getting along with people you become friends with through time. You enjoy partying too much. You love beer better. You sip-and-puff more. You amaze me at adapting to the changing environment swiftly. You wake up when everybody is asleep. You smile big when you get a very satisfied survey. But you smile bigger every 15th and 30th of the month because it’s payday. You smile biggest during regular holidays despite seeing yourself blabbing with some nonsense North Americans.

Time flies so fast. Cliche but I am ought to use that for you. Now, you are into separation anxiety. You want to escape pollution, parties, and err… unsubstantial salary for the increasing demands. Chos! But seriously, you want a better life not just for you but for your younger siblings who expect too much from you. Talk about being the eldest in the family. *looks around, sighs.*

Now, you are firmer at getting a passport. And any moment from now, you will progress at realizing your ticket to stardom a better life.  You want to hurry things up but one thing holds you back…

Yes, I know it gives you little tears every time you think of being distant from someone you can’t imagine living a week without. You wake up together, stare blankly at the green wall, laugh at each other’s mistakes, argue at petty things, and the list continues. You will surely miss that and what’s more than that. You push that person to live with a dream, too. And I know you are in high spirits knowing that that person is now on the last step of achieving a goal.

Perhaps, life isn’t about cooking show everyday. It’s not about having someone prepare your clothes before going to the office. It’s not always about having someone try and attempt to the korniest to cheer you up when you’re down. It’s not about walking during spare time to take the 15-minute exercise. It’s not about that…

Let me wipe your tears, beans. I know you are mature enough to grow with the changes. Come on! Life is about adapting the changes. Life is about moving forward. Life is about embracing some adversities. And once you hit a new land, you come back here better and whole. Who knows? You will continue your love story wherever your fate brings you.

No holding back now. I know you just sent your resume. 🙂

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I started here.

I loved.

I became broken-hearted.

I explored some places.

I met different people.

I bid goodbye and said hello.

And now, it’s my time to share the missing part of this blog.


It’s been a year since I last visited this blog. Talk about loss of interest and guts in writing. Talk about finding myself back. Talk about job. Talk about lack of time’s luxury. But hey! I’m here and I am on the go to write again. 😉


English Only Policy

Yes, I am a callboy, as what rumors say and I am proud of it. And please, speak in the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. Hahaha! After more than a year of working as a consulant, I wasn’t able to give too much time for myself, the way things usually work for me before. Everyday seems to be too mechanical. I wake up, take a bath, dress up, go to work, work, rest, sleep… and the cycle continues. I embraced this fate and I never had a single question as to why I got this job when other more appropriate ones initially came before me. I enjoy being here though I’m still struggling to sound nasal. 🙂

one of the last bondings we had.

Another major reason for the sudden shift of my life’s path was my bestfriend Ron’s movement to Cebu. No more MAMITA’s moments. No more manga sa Roxas. No more fun. That’s what I exactly thought until some special people came.


Here are some of them. Meet Axe, Zui, Dyna, Polly, and Benjamar. They are certainly the characters of the next chapter of my life. Stories of cooking shows, of more drinking sessions, of foodtrips, of laughter and tears — these make this part a lot interesting. Definitely, mga kampi ng bida. 🙂
Apparently, for a year of hiatus, one thing never changed about me. I am the same hopeless romantic you all used to know. As of this writing, I am 9 months smiling for one reason – YOU! Yes, you made me write again. You pushed me to get up and let the people know I still exist. ♥_♥


P.S. I may not be updating this site as frequent as I used to do but I assure you, I’ll be back and I will continue to share my self-indulgent stories. 🙂


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