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gimme the ball!

i have not lost the interest in blogging. not yet…  it’s just too early for that. for more than a month, i have not updated this blog due to some reasons. worse, the last entry i had was still about my scandalous and sinful relationship, as petiburges quoted (and i thank you for defining that thing for me). the lighter side now is, i’m okay… someone’s making my mornings bright again.

there have been a number of reasons for my absence in this blog realm.

1. i finally graduated. now, i am proud to say ‘I learned the UP Way. I survived UP!’

gold, anj, vince, and joan --- @lito sy

with prof. jhoanna lynn cruz, one of the best teachers ever.

2. i’ve been very busy working lately. life gets better as i meet more and more friends. more ‘cheers!’ more parties. more fun. i love what i’m doing right now and i don’t regret declining three other jobs for this. this is the life i’ve been dreaming since thesis days!

3. kris john visited us mid of april. of course, he had to experience partying the ‘davao’ way. now, he’s back in cebu. you wait for us there!

of course he can't leave davao without this memorable 'nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura' picture!

4. i went gaga when ron was rushed to the hospital one drunk night of may.  he stayed there for nights after a kidney stone was found. his room became an instant party place. remember room 430 in SPH!

ron with mao and hapi..

5. my laptop was stolen. 😦

anyway, my apologies, friends, for not being able to visit your sites from time to time. i miss ‘blog-ratting.’ don’t worry, i’d still visit your blogs.

till then…


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