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so long…

life's about fun. cheers!

Tonight, i can wear the happiest mask. I can dance. I can write. I can smile my heart out.

Tomorrow, i will remove the mask. I will face reality. I will again experience its harshness.

The next day, I will wear the happiest mask again. I will see to it that life is played the best way. I will continue to trudge the things I’ve been waiting for quite a time now.

The next days, I hope to have a forgiving heart. Spare me that.

But tonight, I am thankful I have a good heart and a better head. Tonight, I can only be very sure of my decision. 😦


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juggling decisions

When I turned 21, I thought I can handle decision-makings maturely. Until weeks ago when I turned down two job offers. I did not know if it was the right decision; all I know is that up to now, I’m thinking if it was right. Really stupid me.

A day after I left home, a staff from RD Group of Companies in General Santos City phoned me if I am available for the Communication, Media and PR Officer post of their company. I said no. God, imagine what I just missed? That exactly is the best job for a Speech and Corporate Communication graduate. And I just lost it.

A week after, another unknown number buzzed me through call. “Hello I’m (I really can’t remember the name) from Mahintana Foundation. Is this Vincent?” “Verbal Nod.” “Sir, do you have a job right now?” “Yes. (Falling intonation)” “Ah, so your not available for the project officer post in our company?” “Yes.” “Ah ok, thank you sir.” “Ok.” Goodness. Imagine again, Mahintana is the CSR part of Dole Philippines, Inc.

Then I called mom and told her the story. She said it’s fine with them as long as I’m happy with what I am doing right now. Well yes, I’m happy. Before finishing college last year, I made sure I’d experience working somewhere where I can be myself, I can do what I want, and I can show what I got from the academic years I had. For now, I think I am in the right place. I am enjoying, yes. And so far, I am loving this job. And tuesday is payday! I am looking forward to spending the money wisely. For the melons! Cheers!

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I’ve been away for almost a month. A friend asked me to write about the details regarding my absence. I told her it’s rated PG and today is not yet my final comeback! Seriously, what she asked me to do made me ponder on the things i did for the past month. I was out mainly for three things: to make friends, to be a boyfriend, to have fun!

no, i'm not in Saudi Arabia right now.

With the very short span of time, I never thought I’d meet lots of good people from all walks of life. I met a former financial analyst from BDO, a former nurse in Makati Medical Center, a former crew in HardRock Cafe in Hollywood, a former Japan entertainer, a former product specialist in Makati, and more formers. And now we’re all under a single umbrella. So when they asked me ‘what about you?,’ my answer would always be ‘i am a former houseboy, a former blog-rat.’ I didn’t know we all would make perfect gang. Lately, going home at 3 or 4am is not an issue anymore since Mr. HardRock Cafe drives us home every night outs. That assurance means getting it’s ok to get too drunk, more puking moments and more parteyyys.

Second, I am a boyfriend again! Cheers. Last Thursday was our first monthsary so we went out to eat somewhere. Then we chilled with friends and drank till 3am. The best part will always be the after-party, you know why. My partner is a reader so I won’t dig into details. PM me if you want details. Weh.

Finally, everything’s fun for the past month. Meet-ups with a lot of friends — my BT friends at Zabadani, Suckingbird Keller and Hellen Keller at Pacific Harbor, Ron and Hapi at what-have-you, other college friends at my place, and… i get tired thinking about the hangovers. More to these, I also eat a lot lately. Now it’s more than thrice a day, Gawd!

the girls of BT, still the same.

I surely missed a lot of things though. I missed blogging. I missed unlimited rice back home. I missed SHOWTIME. I missed stalking. I missed oversleeping. And counting.

This is not my final comeback. I just blogged to update. I still have days to come to make more friends, to be a good boyfriend, and to have more fun. 😉

Have a blessed holy week, everyone!

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Hotdog Fever!

Hello March!

It’s been a long time (and i mean loooong) since I last logged in my accounts including this. I am missing a lot of people, a lot of routines, and what have you.

This blog won’t take long. This is only sort of saying ‘I’m alive!’ Or so I think. More than bitching out, I am seriously busy with a lot of things. Talk about money. Talk about love. Talk about friends. Talk about beers and yosi. Talk about 4-5 meals a day. Talk about prepositions.

I’ll catch up with all of you soon. I’ll be a blog-rat again. Promise! 😉

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