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i pray..

got this from avel — black ribbon for the victims of the recent maguindanao killings.

i never thought electoral violence to be this early. too bad, one of the 21 victims is a family friend.

Good Lord, help us restore peace in Mindanao. May the victims find rest in you. And may we have a peaceful election in 2010.

God bless Mindanao. God bless the country!


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since i’ve been bumming around lately, i unimaginably forced myself to really get into music. yes, i’ve been updating my imeem account. and since i am a music moron (ydel, 1988), it’s a lot harder for me to create a media playlist as it entails research on the latest and the hippest songs. so i got this fireflies by owl city which caused much gagaism gagoism. i am sharing you the video of the number one song in my playlist.

and again, please bear with the video i posted. it’s not the original music video as the owner does not allow any repost.

i know. i know. i know the song’s intro sound’s like THIS SONG. but it’s ok. the song’s just worth-listening-and-sharing.

’cause everything is never as it seems.
and owl city continues to eat me this time.

enjoy the song!

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kuya’s status update

dear readers,

i am vince’s younger sister. this won’t take long. i’ll just tell you how bum he has been lately.


two years ago. my kuya would like us to believe he was a geek in school. naat!

everytime i wake up for school, he’s still asleep. our momma told me not to wake him up (as i always try to remove his blanket and play with his nose) because she knows my kuya sleeps at 3am every mornight. yes, he’s been super addicted to some online stuff. i have been asking him to help me create an account in facebook but he doesn’t allow me because of some nasty applications in the said site.

anyway, i leave for school everyday at 7:30 and my parents leave for work before 8am. but he’s still having a good time dreaming about you-know-what during unholy hours. so the morning set-up with him always starts by leaving him some food in the table for his breakfast.

my classes usually end at 10 and everytime i come back home, he’s already infront of the pc (since his laptop is still sick), and his food for breakfast is still untouched. when he gets too bored online, he turns off the pc and then eats his breakfast at 11. now i’m confused what’s breakfast for! lol.

i do not expect him to play with me after school. he has his cellphone, his pc, and his own world. and i so understand it.. like 17 years gap is enough explanation. duh.

before i sleep in the afternoon, he turns on again the pc and starts that online thing that only him understands… ever! 🙂

i think, facebook and bloghopping consume my kuya so much. and while the family’s engaged with santino’s stupid show, he seems exaggeratedly attached to his chatmates in fb and ym.

is there anything wrong with my kuya? or it’s just pretty normal for a bum? haha.

right now, i want my kuya find a job asap. it’s the only answer to his boring lifestyle. i know he wants to puff and drink and parteyy all night but he just can’t because he’s home.

i think this is too much for a ‘this won’t take long’ thing.

i just turned 4 anyway. :D

in the name of brattiness,

dj *wink*

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early bells

i remember receiving a pair of roller blades from santa claus when i was in grade 1. yes, it was number one in my wish list that time. i never had any idea of  ‘answered prayers’ before; all i knew was that, I had to write the christmas gift that i wanted and hope for santa’s kindness so that it may be granted.

until grade 5, i still believed in santa claus. had i not seen my mother wrapping the surprise gift for me, probably i am still making my materialistic wish lists up to now. but the picture didn’t change my desire to receive gifts every christmas. i still enjoy christmas and i still receive gifts from my parents.

i am now 20 but this season always brings out the child in me. i still hope for material things but could not write them all down on a piece of paper anymore. i cannot even hand that piece of paper to my parents because i am mindful that the santa claus could not be anybody else but me.

i am my own santa claus now. and along with this shift  are the changes in my desires for christmas. i believe some things are just worth listing and this time, i pray BIGTIME for them to happen.

1. the success of the alternative treatment of my adviser. i will always be one with you in your prayers for this, maam.

2. the reconciliation reunion of the BT! i know there will never be a complete attendance in a year’s time but i hope, at least, everybody will be humbled by the things we’ve been through for the past months.

3. a good job for me. 😀

now, you may bring down your eyebrow (i know the other one’s raised while reading the 3 wishes).

106870_000_joulupukki10 lb

all set for christmas!

for the past 19  christmas celebrations, much has been given to me. this year, i can only hope and pray so much. one thing’s for sure, i will be the happiest person if all these things take place on christmas… the best christmas will be mine.

merry christmas everyone! cheers!

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broken strings

i cannot upload the original music video of broken strings by james morrison,. the owner doesn’t allow any repost. so i have this video from youtube, though it’s not as engaging as the original, it’s still the same song. (pwede pa ka mag sing-along!)

i am just so into this song lately. so i’m sharing this to you. to you!

because you can’t play our broken strings and you know that i love you a little less than before. :p

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it’s when i’m alone (and smoking) that i get myself the chance to open my memory box. this moment makes me linger with the past (and so i continue sipping) and toy with the thoughts behind.

rather than count the sticks i had sipped, it might be better if i count my remaining days because of doing it. i am not blaming anyone for this addiction. i am thanking them for making this addiction less worrisome. don’t call them bad influences… they’re not.

more to this memory-lane moment, i can’t help but recall some important beings who shared the puffing sessions with me since the great ashtray was introduced to me.

rea and me and the cigars we love!
elton, the man who doesn’t end the night without stealing a stick from me (and everybody else)

ram: the one who shares capri, black devil, and other slims with me! i miss you!


krisha: the girl who eventually learned the proper puffing, angelie: the girl who smokes through her nose, alpha: the die-hard Philip Morris girl!


i know who to talk to when i decide to QUIT smoking. it's GOLD!


kristel, the banker (na nagresign na daw): yes, she said i taught her how to do it. i never did!


of course, si honey! she was the best puff-buddy last semester. 🙂


ron and krisjohn! the sessions we had are worth-reminiscing. we can have it back too soon... in cebu! i know, we share the same stick. and we are loving it. 🙂

i will always look forward to sipping sticks with you again, very soon! 🙂

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