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I was more than halfway the report I’m cramming when I decided to check one of my favorite blogsites. I checked if there’s any recent entry. Meron nga.

It’s the usual narrative type of entry buquir (the blogger) used to post.  In fairness, I had enough patience reading the relatively long entry (which is actually amazing since i’m not into longer entries).

After reading, I knew why I had to finish digesting everything in his entry. His boring-looking entry talked about tarnished friendship — where trust is an issue… where sometimes you have to resort to lies and deception to better things up. And that, I have to sigh for a moment.

hindi naman ganitong trust ang nasira.

hindi naman ganitong trust ang nasira.

Kung sana ay nadadaan sa bottoms up at mala-dragon na pagbuga ng yosi ang lahat. But no! My trust is hardly earned. You’re lucky you had it. HAD. Now forget about it. Before, I had much respect on you because I thought you deserved it. Now forget it as well. Clean up your dirt first and be good. You’re smart, we both know that. But please, have your brain conditioned well before saying anything. For now, fuck you na lang muna. fuck you!

Anyway, here’s the LINK to buquir’s blog.



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because i run out of words lately, let these pictures speak for my happy nights in davao…


when you’re drunk and you want more but can’t do anything with the liquor ban imposed by the local government, then tell the driver to drop you at McDo Damosa.


fries and sundae: all time favorites.


nobody’s drunk. these are my highschool good friends (L-R: krizzle, mao, darsi, beans. si ron and naa sa baba.).


because we miss hanging out with each other,

because we want the old times back,

because we still sing the old songs…

we will have more parteys. =)

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Fooling around


Back to saying hi and hello. Words unspoken, questions unanswered.

When will I get rid of selfish people?

Tae naman o. Smartass ka pa naman. Ampota.

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so long..


no self-indulgence, no effing, no everything… for the meantime.

the pseudoblogger will be away for a while. be back when he finds himself again. so expect a better him when he comes back.

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atypical bus-ride

Hours from now, I will be again miles away from home. More than two months of bumming is finally over. No more unlimited sleep, unlimited foods, unlimited internet, unlimited time to daydream, unlimited pool, unlimited boredom.

Summer has always been one of the best times of the year. Last year was a good one. This year is even better.

Not a lot of extraordinary things happened though but the very simple things i did almost defined the person that i am now. Here are some of those:


1. Friends’ graduation. My best friends and other closest friends were all over college. I’m not and it’s ok.

2. Battling with my sick life. Getting over you-who-must-not-be-named was tough. Really. Finally (with emphasis), I am over you and we both have our separate lives to live. Yiiihah!

3. Parties and lesser bisyo. You read it right — lesser yosi, lesser beer, lesser night parties (?), no drugs. Resumes by the day I see Joan.

4. Thesis data gathering. Realizing my thesis is not as easy as how I thought about it during the proposal. Fuck.

5. Being hired.  Responsibility. That’s it.

6. Rai going somewhere for ‘good.’ Wait for me there, dami pang plano.


Anyway, it’s a different bus-ride tomorrow. No more Rea. T_T


But a lot excited for the new boarding house and the new roommate.

More parteys. More reasons to smile.

God bless my “hopefully last” semester. *cheers*

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Naturally free-minded, blithe and light-hearted.

An innate talker who sometimes seems to be not sensible but actually is sensible.

Most of the time frisky and fun to be with.

Inquisitive, always one brave soul, observant and cool.

Secretly secretive.

Everybody’s friend and nobody’s enemy.

-Rea, best buddy


VINCENT AMORIO. A super ordinary masculine name added to a not-so-famous family name. A name given to a baby boy after his parents’ favorite song by Don McLean. Two names that mean much to him. Two names that he wanted to associate to and to speak for himself: Vincent, derived from a Latin verb ‘vincere‘ meaning ‘to conquer’ and Amorio, a Spanish term for love-making.

I was born and raised in the nondescript town of Polomolok, 20-kilometer from the nearest city, 60-kilometer from the region’s capital… a walk away from nowhere. I was born to a family with two other boisterous boys and one lovely girl, in our 328 square-meter kingdom.

Twenty summers have passed since then. The years taught me lots of lessons and left special marks in my being. As I trudged on through my journey, many people I have met…many learning I have derived, and all of these have aggregated to mold me. Life remains good. God has always been giving.

(This was a part of my paper in my intercultural communication subject. An autobiography.)

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Now i am all rushing things to have everything done before I go back to Davao.

I am more than halfway on my data gathering for my thesis. The process was so-so. I mean, it wasn’t too difficult to ‘penetrate’ my respondents for some reasons.  However, when I started checking the survey sheets, I began getting troubled.

UNSETTLED! I realized I was uber-rushing things now that time is already too limited. Though this is no-new-issue to me, I am still in panic mode because this is my THESIS — and this will make or break me! O.O


I have really mastered the art of procrastination down to whatever comprises it. Cram! And now, it’s CRAP. I think I am anticipating a crap for my haphazard way of doing things.

For now, I just don’t know where to start. The most unfortunate part of being wretched. =(

“anyway, mahuman lng nimo na beans before u know it..and mam jeni is with u..”

-inspiring words from Jezereel Louise Billano

Best Thesis of BACA-SPCM

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